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Sick days 32/365

A bug has hit us, H had it at the start of the week and I have fought through it but today B had to be off school. I know she’s not right as there has been not a peep from her!!! This is the two of them snuggled up as I type, roll on summer!


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Playing around 31/365

I treated myself to the nexus 7 at Christmas and I love it, so does H, here’s one of her creations……


She has also taken to keeping an eye on the planets and even wants me to download books she can read! I thought it was my gadget!!!

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School run parking 30/365

OK rant time. Everyday on the school run I get annoyed with what parents do, parking on the pavement, blocking people in and even driving along the pavement rather than giving way to on coming traffic. Our local policeman has been out on a number of occasions but it has no effect, the school ask parents to be considerate but it falls on deaf ears. What annoys me the most is that its these people who would be the first to protest if their child was knocked over walking on the pavement! Please think of the safety of others when choosing where to park and not just where is the closest to the gate you can park!!!


I had to be quite discreet but what you can’t see is that cars are parked all along the right hand pavement and 5 mins after this it was worse!

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Me and my baby 29/365

Its hard to believe 10 years ago B was days old and had only been home 48 hours!! She will always be my baby!


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Cleaning cupboards 28/365

I hate my kitchen mainly because it has very little cupboard space, but while cooking tea tonight I’ve reorganised two of them and made some much needed space!!!


I don’t know how long it will stay like that but I’m enjoying the fact it’s tidy for now!

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Happy birthday B 24/365

Today B turned 10, where has the time gone!!


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Mums night off 23/365

Once in a while I just can’t be bothered to cook so after swimming this week we opted for naughty dinner!!


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Domestic Goddess 22/365

Sometimes I feel like the housework is never ending so when B announced tonight that she was going to tidy the porch I didnt expect much! The porch is the smallest and messiest place in the house normally so I was very surprised when I saw this………


Well done B you did a fan job!!

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No snow day 21/365

Despite the snow falling most of the night the girls faced disappointment today when school didn’t close! Thgery did manage to get home from after school club in time to spend half hour building snow castles and messing in the snow!


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Snow day or not?

We haven’t had a school snow day for 4 years, this was the girls in the snow tonight after dropping off Mr K, its still coming down heavy now, but I’m not sure it will be enough for a snow day!!


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