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School run parking 30/365

OK rant time. Everyday on the school run I get annoyed with what parents do, parking on the pavement, blocking people in and even driving along the pavement rather than giving way to on coming traffic. Our local policeman has been out on a number of occasions but it has no effect, the school ask parents to be considerate but it falls on deaf ears. What annoys me the most is that its these people who would be the first to protest if their child was knocked over walking on the pavement! Please think of the safety of others when choosing where to park and not just where is the closest to the gate you can park!!!


I had to be quite discreet but what you can’t see is that cars are parked all along the right hand pavement and 5 mins after this it was worse!

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Why get stressed out at things we can’t change?????

Time for me to have a moan, I haven’t had one for a while so I am feeling it is well over due so here we go…….


As a nation us Brits get too stressed out about things that we can’t change, why do we do this? Is it a deeper sign of something?


So what has sparked me to have this little rant? It’s the fact that so many people have been on the news over the last 36 hours moaning about the fact the flights in and out of the UK have been grounded due to the Icelandic Volcano eruption. It’s a natural disaster for crying out loud. No one can control it.


Believe me I understand people are upset, as I speak there are BritishVolcano Erupting by kahunapulej Troops who should have arrived back from 3 months in a war zone, sat waiting to get home to their loved ones. People are trying to get to weddings scheduled for tomorrow. Others are trying to make it home in time for back to school next week. We all have important things that happen in life and unfortunately sometimes things happen – but don’t blame the Air Traffic Control people who have made the decision that no flights can run at the moment!


If it was me (granted I do have a fear of flying so maybe that adds to it), but if I was waiting to fly somewhere, whether it be up to Scotland to visit friends, or over to Oz to visit other friends – I would rather not take the risk of Volcanic ash making the engines stall and possibly being in a crash! Ok I don’t know the odds, but if the authorities say it’s not worth the risk well that’s good enough for me! I actually heard one bloke on the news say it was “ridiculous, it’s like the leaves on the line excuse”!!!! And yep, that’s the man who you can thank for my rant!!!! I mean come on, you would be the 1st in line for compensation if something happened to the plane you were on!!


So many times the British public as a whole seem to have an issue with stress. Look at the bigger picture people! Yes we had a lot of snow this year, schools closed and people missed out from money for being off work, how many of those off school and work checked on an elderly neighbour? We all complain about the state of the nations economy and blame the government – who didn’t take advantage of cheap credit, even if it was under control? We are a rush rush stress stress society. When you go to eat out do you moan about the length of time it takes to get served your meal? Yet on the continent there is an understanding that proper fresh cooked food takes time.


I just think we should look at the bigger picture a little more, think about why a situation has arisen. Getting stressed will never change the situation so surely it is better to refocus that energy for the good. Believe me, I get stressed – not as much as I used to – I consciously try not to let things get to me so much. It’s not healthy, it’s not attractive and it’s not productive, so people of Great Britain……CHILLAX!!!!!!!!!

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It’s Bin Day Again

Ok I have to have a rant – why do people insist on placing their wheely bins ON THE PAVEMENT when it’s bin day? I would completely understand if the houses round here were town houses that opened strWheelies a'waiting by Kat Johnston / Sanura Sakai.aight onto the road, but they all have front gardens and driveways. Yet every Thursday, without fail, I have to weave in and out, move bins out of my way and can’t generally annoyed because there are bins everywhere. Just myself walking would be bad enough but with pushchair in tow as well. I know our bin men are a bit bad in that even if your bin is 3 steps away from the edge of the road and next to your front door (ok maybe more than 3 steps, but honestly my drive is shorter than most family cars), they won’t bother to take it. But they will take it if it’s left at the top of the driveway rather than in the middle of the pavement. Now maybe I am wrong, and maybe it’s the bin men who eave them there after collections? Thought about that too, as would have phoned the council to have a moan, but nope these are full bins. I have even had people pull the bin onto the path straight in front of me!

Ok, now I have got that off my chest I feel better, and one else have the odd little thing that really winds them up on a regular basis?

Picture Credit: Kat Johnston/Sanura Sakai

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