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How to create personalised Canvas Prints – Guest Post

Canvas Prints are all the rage at the moment, with many buying them as gifts for loved ones. Artists such as Andy Warhol and street artist Banksy have greatly influenced design and fashion trends, with many top interior designers using Canvas Prints in their designs. As a result of this increase in popularity many have turned to canvas printing as a way of creatively decorating their own homes. Creating your very own personalised Canvas Print is very easy, and is the ideal way to display and present your favourite family photos.

This post will guide you through 4 steps which will help you turn your most cherished photos into wonderful Canvas Wall Art.

Step 1: Choose and Image

Image 1

Possibly the most important step to creating your very own personalised Canvas Print is to select the perfect image. When selecting your image there are a few important factors to take into consideration. Is your image one that you will be happy to see everyday? Will it fit in with your homes current design? Is it of a quality worth spending money on to transform it into a wonderful canvas print? If the answer to these questions are all “Yes” then you can move on to step 2. If you are struggling for ideas, but really wish to have a canvas print in your home popular ideas include, family photos, pets, landscape photos, hobbies and interests. You can also further personalise your image by customising and editing your image using computer software such as PhotoShop.

Step 2: Print Image

Image 2

Once you have selected your perfect image you need to have it printed onto canvas. The easiest way to do this is to take your image to a specialist printing company, who can have your image printed onto high quality canvas in a couple of hours. However, depending on the size of the canvas, and the quality of your home printer, you may be able to complete this step at home. To do this you will have to own a printer that is capable of printing to canvas, you can check this in your printers Manufactures Manual. You will also need to buy some canvas to print onto, there are two main types 100% cotton canvas, or Poly Canvas. Read your printers manual carefully and follow the steps that guide you through the set up for printing onto canvas. Once your print is complete you must wait for the ink to completely dry before continuing to step 3.

Step 3: Stretch and Frame Canvas


Once your canvas prints are dry you need to stretch and frame them. Canvas prints are traditionally stretched over a wooden frame, this keeps the canvas tight and makes for a smooth and professional finish. The key to stretching your canvas is to keep the canvas tight, you can buy tool that will assist in this, but when stretched properly a canvas print should be tight like the skin on a drum. Again you can take your Canvas to a professional who will be able to do this for you. However if you are feeling creative and wish to do this by yourself you can. Neatly fold the canvas around your wooden frame using special canvas pliers to pull the canvas tight, and secure using a staple gun. Once secured, cover the staples with a strong masking tape for a neat finish. You can then opt to frame your canvas or leave it as it is and hang it up. Framing looks great if your image is artistic, but many prefer the simplistic and modern look of an unframed canvas print.

Step 4: Hang Canvas


Hanging your finished Wall Art is easy. There are many effective methods. You can use a painting hanging set, mirror plates, or 3M Command Strips, all are readily available at any respectable D.I.Y shop. The most important part of hanging your canvas print is choosing the perfect place to show off your new, fantastic Canvas Wall Art.



About the Author

Adam has many years experience within the Digital Printing industry, he specialised in creating high quality Canvas Wall Art. In his spare time he enjoys developing his skills as an amateur photographer. His favourite things to take photos of are insects and flowers.

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Get creative: How to make a gift bag or box from old greeting cards


If you’re anything like me you will have stacks of old greeting cards gathering dust in the back of a cupboard or under your bed. And let’s face it you are never going to read them again so why not do something useful with them and create a gift bag? It’s easy so let’s get started.


What you need:

Selection of old greetings cards

Template (I used the one from this site)





Ribbon/bottons (optional)

Print the template out on A3 paper or larger depending on the size you want your bag/box to be. If you want to make a box you will need all the tabs but tabs H and G aren’t necessary for a gift bag.

Decide on the theme of you bag/box and discard any cards or sections of a card that can’t be used.


Cut around the template and lay on a flat surface. Make a note of the measurements for each section and then use those measurements to cut out accurate shapes from the cards. Make the side pieces (D) an extra 1cm wider so you can fold them later on. Choose your designs carefully, particularly for sections B, C and both D’s because these will be visible once the bag/box is finished.




Take both side pieces (D) and fold them in half vertically. This will form the crease in the side of the gift bag. Draw two lines at each end, forming a triangle. Use scissors to score these lines.

Lay all the card pieces facedown and carefully begin to attach them together using Cellotape. Try not to overlap the pieces. Instead allow several layers of Cellotape to join the sides together. The flexibility of the Cellotape will allow all the pieces to fold easily.


Once all sections are joined the bag/box will begin to take shape. Put Cellotable or glue on tab A and fold it over, attaching the sides together, forming an open ended box. If you are making a box avoid gluing this end tab because it forms the opening of the box; instead just close both ends instead using tabs E, F, G and H.


Close the bottom (and the top if you are making a box) using Cellotape or glue. You now have your gift bag. Fold the sides to make the bag a better shape.



Use the holepunch to make holes for the handles, which you can make from ribbon. I plaited ribbon but this isn’t necessary. Feed the ribbon through the holes or attach with a stapler.


clip_image044Note: If you don’t have any ribbon you can use another greeting card to make beads. Draw vertical lines on an opened card – gradually getting wider. Cut along the lines and then roll from the wider end. Use glue or Cellotape to attach the thin end to the coil. This effect creates a bead like shape and you can feed these onto string.

You can tidy up the bag and hide any Cellotape that might be visible by adding extra detail like ribbon or buttons.

clip_image046                                                  clip_image048

Tag – This part is the easy bit. Find a card with something pretty on, cut out the section you want, hole punch just one hole and make a loop using ribbon or string.

clip_image050clip_image052clip_image054clip_image056Attach the tag to the bag and then all you need is a present to fill it and a greeting card. You can even buy these without leaving the house – just visit a site like Hallmark and get a person

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How To Get Picky Eaters To Be More Open-Minded–Guest Post

Sometimes getting little kids to try new foods is akin to climbing the Great Wall of China – it seems like an insurmountable task that only the bravest can conquer. However coercing picky eaters into broadening their taste buds doesn’t have to be like fighting a war, you just need a little strategy:

1. Pair foods you want them to try with foods you know they’ll eat
If you know that your child loves peanut butter and you normally pair peanut butter with an apple or pretzels try serving it with a new food such as baby carrots. If they like ranch then try serving it with cucumber slices or snow peas. The addition of a food that they like will help encourage them to try the new food, and dips are an easy way to encourage vegetable consumption.

2. Sneak foods into meals
Instead of making a traditional meat and tomato spaghetti sauce add in different chopped vegetables such as red peppers and mushrooms. Or try making casseroles with extra veggies added in. If you can get them to start eating foods without even noticing that they’re eating them then they’ll be much more receptive to continuing to eat them in different forms.

3. Try preparing foods in different ways
It may be the way that you’re preparing certain foods that is eliciting an automatic “NO” response from your kids. If steamed broccoli is always turned down try fixing it a different way, such as roasting it in the oven and then pairing it with ketchup. Different preparations techniques bring out different flavours in foods that your kids may love.

4. Don’t label foods
Try to refrain from telling kids that their snacks or meals are “healthy” when you’re serving them fruits and vegetables or that they’re getting “a treat” when you take them out for fast food. Having this mental connection with certain foods can deter them from wanting to experiment with other healthy foods and cling to wanting fast foods and decadent treats instead.

5. Keep trying

Our taste buds are constantly changing and evolving, so what your kids hate one day they may love the next. Constantly offer them new foods; you may be surprised what they end up picking up one day and declaring their new favourite food!

Getting picky eaters to try new foods is a kind of art form that requires some patience and experimentation. Show them how much you love certain foods and don’t quit offering them different foods to try to show them that foods aren’t bad or good, just different. They’ll start branching out eventually! What tactics do you have for getting your picky eaters to try new foods?

Author Bio

Heather Smith is an ex-nanny. Passionate about thought leadership and writing, Heather regularly contributes to various career, social media, public relations, branding, and parenting blogs/websites. She also provides value to hire a nanny by giving advice on site design as well as the features and functionality to provide more and more value to nannies and families across the U.S. and Canada. She can be available at H.smith7295 [at]

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Guest Post from The Party Works

It’s a first for me but today I am featuring a guest post. We have all been to and held kids parties, and the food is always a conundrum – go healthy and some kids won’t eat, go traditional and they are bouncing off the walls, here’s some ideas…….


Healthy Kids Parties

My son was invited to a birthday party about a month ago and I immediately began to worry. I knew the mother of the boy who was celebrating his 7th birthday and I knew that she had a tendency to spoil her children with sugary treats and fatty foods. Sure, those things have their place, but I didn’t want little Arthur gorging himself on pizza, candy and ice cream. I had it on good authority that this mother, who in all other respects was a great parent, kept a candy bar in her purse for every time her kids got an “A” on a test or held the door open for an old woman at the grocery store or ate a carrot. To top it off, her husband was an amateur hot dog eating champion! I was worried going into it so I came up with a few ways to make sure little Liam’s next birthday wouldn’t end in a sugar crash.

Pizza! Pizza!

Pizza is one birthday party staple that is hard to replace. I’ve experimented with making my own pizzas and I’ve always had a great time while doing it. It’s pretty simple to let kids make their own pizzas. You can buy wheat dough, have them roll it out, cover it in pizza sauce and top it with veggies, a selection of cheeses and pepperonis. This is a much healthier alternative to the grease-soaked bread that most pizza places will try to get you to eat.

Pop Replacement

Sodas are one thing I try to steer Liam clear of all the time. Did you know that one soda a day for a year will add 10 pounds of fat to the average person? If you can cut these sugary indulgences out of your child’s diet and out of their party, you’ll be doing everyone a favor. Instead, replace the soda with all natural fruit juice. For a pool party, try whipping up some smoothies using fruit, yoghurt and ice.

Cake Conundrum

How do you have a party without birthday cake? That’s a hard one to answer and you’ll probably find that a cake is the hardest thing to replace at a party. The good news is that cakes come in a lot of varieties. You don’t have to have a rich, thick cake with buttery icing. You can have an angel food cake with a light, sugar-free icing. This fluffy birthday cake will provide the perfect denouement to your child’s soiree.

Genny is a guest blogger who writes about party planning issues, such as how to throw the perfect Super Mario birthday party.

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Barmy about my Boys – Guest Day Post

Guest Post Day has come round again thanks to Erica at and this time I am pleased to announce my guest blogger is Ramblemum, so without further ado it’s over to Ramblemum:


This is my first guest post day so please be easy on me! I am glad to be paired with Super Single Mum as she has been able to help me with this process.We decided as I have all boys and she has all girls we would do a comparison, so here is my perspective on having all boys.


I recently almost got thrown out of Asda. It was nothing really to do with the boys behaviour (for once) Albert was at playgroup, Stanley and Ernest were both asleep in the buggy. I was walking round minding my own business and an old lady peeked in at Ernest,


Her: Awww two boys?

Myself : Yes, well three actually, the other is at playgroup

Her: Oh well try again maybe you will be lucky next time and get a girl

Now this is not an unusual remark and normally I would let it go so I could run after Albert and stop him filling the trolly but as the two were all asleep and I had half an hour to kill I took the decision to follow it up

Myself: I think I’m I am lucky now thank you (In a very sarcastic tone)

Her: No need to be rude!

Myself: I think insinuating I am not lucky to have my boys is rude


The conversation continued until a manager asked us to take it outside and we both slunk off.


I am very protective of my boys, when I was pregnant with Albert everyone thought I would have a boy, we thought we would have it at the weekend and true we did. With Stanley again everyone thought boy, he was and born at the weekend at night the same as Albert. So with Ernest we joked that he would be a boy born at the weekend at night and true to form he was! No one could believe it and now everyone thinks I can produce to order, Will this he has super ‘man’ sperm, I think we must have a predictable sex life.


Life with three boys born within three years is loud, dirty and fun and I am not sure what people think is wrong with that. I get asked if I would like to continue to have a girl or wish I had one but I really do not think I am missing anything. At the moment I think there is not much difference, its when they get older that the differences come. I am hoping it will be easier having boys. I have a guilty fantasy of other friends having arguments with their teenage girls whilst my boys are hidden in their rooms looking at porn or on their computers, then again most probably looking at porn on their computers. Whatever, I am getting some peace.


The most difficult thing about having boys is buying things, retailers are still very much on the side of girls. Clothes especially, I am sick of zoo/farm/jungle/safari baby clothes and tractor/car based toddler clothes. Formal clothes are a nightmare, the selection is minimal and very predictable as opposed to the rails and rails of dresses available for girls. Do not get me wrong, there are a lot of hideous girls stuff out there, billowing polyester fairy princess dresses and lelli kelly shoes to start but at least there is a choice. Boys toys tend to be educational or skills based as opposed to creative but that is ok as my boys have a range of toys. Stanley is getting a dolly, push chair and tea set for his birthday as gender specific does not happen here, well we do not, I cannot vouch for what others get them.


Emotionally I would like my boys to stay as close to me as they are now but I do understand that boys tend to rely less emotionally on their mothers as they get older. Maybe I can replace them with a very girly needy dog once this happens, I jest-Will hates dogs. In all honesty at the end of the day as long as they are happy and healthy I will be a happy Mummy.

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Guest Blog Post

Ok so there are a fair few of us joining in on this Guest Blog event today, and I have done my intro so you all know Kerry from And Then All I Thought About Was You is posting on my site today.

We decide, having not done this before, to throw a few ideas of Title’s around and both write a blog post to fit the title. Here is Kerry’s, I think it is beautiful and it’s a true reflection of her honest and creative writing that you will find on her blog. So take a look, and visit her blog to find out more about her and also to read my post of the same title! Take it away Kerry………

Life Without Kids

Life without kids would be quiet
It would be tidy
It would be clean
It would be organised
Life without kids would be a full time job
It would be a 37 hour working week
It would be free time at weekends
It would be out partying Friday/Saturday
It would be lying in Sunday till midday
Life without kids would be having money
It would be money to spend on me
It would be money left after all the bills are paid
It would be savings
Life without kids would be holidays
It would be holidays abroad
It would be hot, sandy and sunny
It would be for two weeks at a time
Life without kids would be living in another country
It would be just going and trying
It would be no ties
It would be a lets see how it goes
Life without kids would be no loving you unconditionally
It would be no one needing you
It would be no cuddles in the middle of the night
It would be no looks of pure love and adoration
It would be no feelings of pride and joy at your child
It would be not having someone loving you till the end of your days

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