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The Diet Continues

So I’ve been doing Weight Watchers for about 8 weeks now and things are going really well. I’ve lost something most weeks, only 1 week I stayed the same and my total weight loss to date is now 17lb. My aim is to lose in total 5 stone, so I am just over a 5th of the way there! Thing is though, after losing over a stone, I thought I would have noticed a difference in  myself!!!

I went shopping for new jeans the other week and still had to buy the same size, even though now I have worn them a few times they are too lose, the next size down wouldn’t even do up! So where have I lost this weight from? Ok so I should have done my measurements too and then I would know I suppose! I have definitely lost off my wrist because my watch is now on the next hole, and my tops feel more comfortable as my midriff shrinks, so I suppose going on that, I can tell a difference I just wish it was more noticeable!!!

Anyway, things are going swimmingly and I am getting used to the whole points system, but next week it’s all change. Weight Watchers are introducing the ProPoints Plan. The principle is still the same, you have a points allowance worked out from various factors and all food has a points value, so you can eat anything you like as long as it fits in your points allowance. I’ve just got used to what the points values are for the foods I eat most and now I have to get used to a whole new plan!!! Let’s think positive though, this could be a boost to my weight loss, because I am so used to the points values now, maybe a new system will help me work out my points better. It’s all guessing at the moment though as the new plan isn’t released until next week so until then anything could happen!!!

I’ll keep you posted on how the change goes, and I’m aiming to have lost 2 stone by Christmas, so 11lb in 6 weeks to go!!!

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Not such a great start!


So far my diet has been going well. Last week I went to weigh in to discover that I lost another 2lb, making a total of 7.5lb and earning me my first silver 7! This week hasn’t started too well though….

This weekend I went away to see family and had a great time, but, what with the fish and chips, wine, chocolate and food prepared for me, I wasn’t really able to work out my points properly! One thing I vowed when I started this diet was that I would still allow myself the occasional blow out because life isn’t always just a case of plodding along! Trouble is, I feel like I have let myself down a bit!

Thing is though, I really haven’t been all that bad. Sunday I managed to claw back some of my over spend and on Saturday we went for a decent walk along the seafront. Today I’ve made myself be pretty strict, so on my calculations I only need to claw back about 3 points tomorrow which is do able and then I still have 2 days till weigh in.

I think the reason I’m concerned is that next weekend is my birthday, so I’m out for an Indian on Friday night and having Pizza with a friend and our kids on Saturday night and I’m more concerned that if I find out on Thursday I’ve put weight on this week then I either won’t enjoy next weekend so much, or I will fall completely off the wagon and give up!!

So, help me out here, any one got any tips as to how to deal with losing weight when temptation is climbing in your mouth!!

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Weigh in number 2

Well I am late again with my weigh day news!! It’s now almost a week since my last weigh in but as promised here is my update!

The week didn’t go as well as the first one. I don’t know why but I started to feel hungry between meals and wasn’t filling up on fruit because the selection in the supermarket wasn’t the best when I went!

I walked into the meeting in Thursday evening feeling tired and bloated, convinced I had put in weight. And the result was…….another 2.5lb loss, making a total of 5.5lb!!

To say I was happy is an understatement!! This week I am actually looking forward to weigh day even though that may sound strange! I can get my skinny jeans on comfortably now and my middle is definitely shrinking. I’m already feeling less run down and tired and the best of it is I can eat what I want!!!

Watch this space for the next instalment!!

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Weigh In Number One

Regular readers will no doubt recall that not so long ago I wrote a post about the fact I have signed up for Weight Watchers again and am determined to lose the extra weight I’ve been carrying around for most of my adult life. So how did my 1st week go?

The food side was ok, I switched from high fat snacks and started eating lots of fruit and swapping high POINTS value carbs, with soups and low point alternatives. As far as being active is concerned, well that didn’t change much but I have been looking at the small ways I can be more active in the normal things I do. So I was parking at the far end of the supermarket car park instead of as close to the door as possible. I take the washing upstairs in a couple of trips instead of taking a big basket at once and have just generally made my self put more “umph” into anything I have been doing.

I felt great for the first few days but as weigh day approached I started to feel bloated and like I had put weight on rather than lost it. Off we went for weigh in last Thursday and I was expecting very little if any change in my weight.

I got on the scales and…………..I’ve lost 3lb! Now whilst this doesn’t sound much – especially when I think about the massive 6 stone I want to lose in total, to put that into perspective, it’s only just under a quarter of a stone! Which means I am on track to lose it all within a year and that’s my aim. There’s no point in losing it too fast because I know it will go back on just as fast – slow and steady wins the race so to speak!

This week is going pretty good so far, and I have to say that I am beginning to find it more natural to listen to the full signals and I am eating less but not feeling hungry, so fingers crossed for more good news this week!!!

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The Slimmer me is Fighting to Get Out!!

Those of you who know me know that my weight isn’t something that stops me doing things and it isn’t like I sit and moan about my size all the time. Thing is though, since having H I have been full of the right intentions and yet just lately I have been eating more than ever – and the wrong things! So last night I took the plunge and signed up for Weight Watchers. I’ve done it before, when B was 14 months I signed up and lost 2 and a half stone over 4 months. I felt great although still needed to lose another 2 stone to reach “normal” weight. The thing is a list of excuses began, we moved house and after 6 months I had completely lost track of what I was doing. The weight started going back on so I signed up again and lasted about 2 weeks. My heart wasn’t in it and it didn’t work.

When I fell pregnant with H I hadn’t quite got back up to where I was but wasn’t far off and I vowed this time not to eat for 2. I didn’t!! Mainly because at 5 months my world was turned upside down when I became a single mum. After having H I was around the same weight as I was after B was born, but I lost weight quickly and within 2 months was back into my pre pregnancy clothes. I was happy, for the time being as I hadn’t put on and kept on the pregnancy weight this time.

H turned 2 just over a month ago and we went on holiday the week of her birthday. The holiday pictures made me see myself in a different light. Having not weighed myself for at least a year, and still fitting in the same clothes, I’d been denying I was putting weight on. I decided to diet, go it alone, why pay for someone to weigh me. Well, if I don’t have someone there who might catch me out, I cheat! That’s why I am now back with Weight Watchers and have no intention of leaving until I am down to my ideal weight.006

My initial target is 5% of my body weight and for that I need to lose 11lb. I’m taking seriously this time though, I’ve been shopping and bought so much fruit and veg it almost didn’t fit in the fridge! I know it won’t be easy every day. Today has been a good day but I am determined and that’s what matters. Plus I will be updating everyone on here so not only will my WW Leader be keeping tabs on me, you lot will be too!

My freezer is sorted,I threw out a bin bag full of stuff out of date or ridiculously high in fat and have already worked out the points for what I eat most. Cheese will have to be missed for a while! So wish me luck and check back each week to see how I am doing!!!

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