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Why It’s Important To Celebrate Family Life

There are many important reasons to celebrate family life. These can range from taking the time to share special occasions, through to being able to maintain long term relationships across different generations. At the same time, celebrating family life can reward parents, help people understand each other through their family, and can build a strong sense of community that can be passed down to children. Whether coming together for an important event, or simply seeing each other on a regular basis, family life is always important to savour.

Sharing Special Occasions

It’s always a good idea to spend special occasions with your family if you can. These occasions can include Christmases, birthday, and Bonfire Night and fireworks, as well as weddings and anniversaries. Spending time together, even for one major event a year, can consequently add up to being a memorable occasion that can allow you to catch up, and avoid losing contact with people. Special occasions can also be more distinctive by families all being able to contribute to the holding of an event.

Maintaining Relationships

The celebration of family life is essential to maintaining relationships as you grow older. While online social networking makes it easy to stay in touch with people, it’s still important to spend actual time with each other throughout the year. If this is difficult, try to have some kind of family holiday together, even if that’s only a weekend. Maintaining these relationships is key to preventing children from growing up without contact with their cousins, or older families not being able to maintain the relationships that they had in previous years.

Reward Parents

Celebrating family life is a good way for children to reward parents and grandparents. Even if a celebration is only small and casual, it can mean a lot to people that don’t get to see the rest of their family very often. At the same time, rewarding parents can mean older children spending money on booking a holiday together, or just having a party for anniversaries and birthdays. Doing so can mean that it’s possible to maintain a strong relationship between parents and children.

Understanding Each Other

Siblings and family members can often find that they share problems and personality traits, and can talk about these with their parents or grandparents. Having a close relationship with your family can mean that you find someone that understands when you have stressful or difficulty times in your life, or when you want advice on a subject. On the other hand, it’s important to see family in order to share a sense of humour.

Sense of Community

Regular celebrations of family life can build a strong sense of community, and can help family members that feel cut off. Making meetings and events a regular part of the year can also set a good example for younger children to maintain the same kind of relationships as they get older, and can set up a positive appreciation of family that can last for a long time.

Rob James is a father of four girls. He will often buy fireworks online from Dynamic Fireworks to add a bit of ‘sparkle’ family celebrations. Rob can be found blogging about many aspects of family life (when he finds a spare minute!!). His favourite quote is “Live your life and forget your age.” – Norman Vincent Peale

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The First Day of School: Not Just a New Chapter for Your Youngster



You’ve just looked at the calendar. It’s September.

But instead of wondering where the summer has gone and worrying about how Christmas is somehow suddenly only 3 months away, your worries turn to something much bigger… It’s your youngster’s first day at school.

Every parent knows there’s something about watching your little one walk through the school gates for the very first time, that just tugs on your heartstrings.

Suddenly, after 4 or 5 years, they’re ready to venture out into the big wide world and take their first little steps of independence.

However, a child’s first day at school signifies not only a new chapter for them, but for you too.

Your life once consisted of clients, meetings, telephone calls, budgets and deadlines. But you then put your paid career job on standby to take on a much more challenging and full-time role…becoming a mother.

As time passes, returning to the workforce can be as daunting as first leaving it. Where do you start looking? Should you go full-time or part-time? How do you negotiate your work-life fitting around your family-life?

Well, whether you’ve been off the job scene for a few months or a few years, here are a few simple steps that will help to gradually ease you back into office life.

Think Carefully About What You Want

When making the decision to return back to work, it’s important to clearly set out exactly what you want, and most importantly, what can realistically be achieved for yourself and your family.

Instead of diving in head first in an attempt to mask your worries of experiencing ‘empty nest syndrome’, take time to think about some of the following questions:

– Why do you want to go back to work?
– When would you ideally like to return?
– Are you looking to go part-time or full-time?
– Are you looking to resume your career, or simply take on a job to help pay for the family’s financial dividends?
– What arrangements are in place for childcare once you return back to work?

Discussing these questions with family and friends may also help you to assess how you feel about returning to work, as well as help to discuss what appropriate steps to take next.

Get Back In Touch

If you’re looking to return back to your previous workplace, it may be a good idea to get back in contact with some of your old colleagues, in order to put you in good stead for your return.

Meet up for a coffee one day and find out about any new news, developments or changes that have occurred in the company whilst you’ve been away changing nappies!
Getting back in the loop will soon make you feel at ease and is bound to help you slot straight back into the workplace quicker.

How To Go About Finding The Right Job

If like many, motherhood has made you decide to take on a new job role completely, there are several ways you can search for a job that’s right for you.
Finding job vacancies is easy and can be done at the touch of button.

Searching by location on local jobs boards, for example ‘jobs in Northampton’, allows you to find a comprehensive list of all the available jobs within your area, which can be refined by keyword and position-type.
Applying for jobs this way can also be done at your convenience, therefore allowing your job hunt to fit around your family’s day-to-day life.

What’s more, many companies offering administrative, sales and personal assistant roles can also often be done from the comfort of your own home, allowing you to effectively split your time between both the office and the home.
This article was written by Ella Mason, an experienced careers writer. Ella specialises in providing jobs advice for stay-at-home parents.

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