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A Change in Direction

Surprise!!! It’s me, I haven’t fallen of the blogging sphere just been thinking about the shape I want my blog to take and in the process I’ve neglected it a little!!

The thing is, the job I do is all about confidentiality and it’s made me question how confidential my blog really is, those who know me, know who I am but am I putting too much out there that can be read by strangers and potentially people who I work with and support. Do I really want those people knowing all about me?

So I thought about giving it up, I really did contemplate shutting down my blog and closing the door on this part of my life.

That made me a little sad!

Ok in the last year I have mainly written reviews and hosted guest posts, but I do miss writing for myself. Thing is I get really bored with other blogs that get taken over by reviews and guest posts and I don’t want other people to think the same about my blog, so this is what I have decided……..

My blog is now going to be less personal, more about discussing what’s going on in the world and my opinions, I don’t ever intend to offend, but hopefully it will start some good discussion! I’ll still do some reviews and guest posts are always welcome but my aim is to write at least twice a week. I’ll still talk about my life but in the context of the posts and for that purpose here is a brief update on me and my family:

H started school in September and is loving it, B is now in year 5.

Mr D and I split up back in April, and in July I met Mr K who is amazing and I am not afraid to say I am madly in love with, we met online and he lives an hour away so we only see each other at weekends or holidays, but we both know that won’t be the case forever!

I’m still doing the same job but completed my Diploma this week, something which has taken up a lot of my time and has also impacted on my blog, I’m glad it’s done though.

I hope you all enjoy discovering my new direction and I look forward to hearing your views!!

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Long Time no Blog!

It’s been a while since I have done much with my blog so I just wanted to assure you that I am still here! I guess work life coupled with keeping up with housework and of course being a busy Mum has got on top of me and my blog has suffered. So many times I have thought “Wow that would make a fantastic blog post” and then not got round to writing it there and then, but by the time I sit down to write the ideas have left my head! Mainly due to the fact then by the time I sit down and switch on the lap top my brain has switched off.


It’s not even as if I have lots to say as to why I haven’t blogged, but I wanted to write a post to highlight the fact that life as a single working Mum is hard. I know a lot of you reading this will be thinking “Well duh, of course it is!”, and that’s another reason why this post is being written. I’m after tips as to how everyone deals with hectic lives, whether you blog or not, what strategies do you have to make sure there is time for everything? Any tips really would be appreciated.


So many jobs are shouting at me to be done, and I seem to have no time to do any of them!! But I promise to try and blog more often and I may end up carrying a note book round with me so I can jot down the ideas as I get them……….watch this space!

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