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The Best Fairy Princess Tent……Ever

Those were the words that came out of H’s mouth last week when she came home from the weekend at her dad’s!! She’s been after a play tent for a while and she has spent the last few weeks looking through the Early Learning catalogue saying she wants them all. Well when she came home to this….


………not only was it the best tent in the world, I was the best mum in the world – honest, they were her words!

This tent is fantastic with a wooden frame that screws together making a sturdy play tent for indoors or out. The only thing I would say is build it where you want it unless you have patio doors because it’s wider than a standard door!! I was so excited I didn’t think about that and will have to dismantle it to get it outside, but for the moment it has pride of place in the living room because it’s H’s favourite toy!

Take a look at this and more play tents here, where you will also find some really lovely looking wooden play houses – I daren’t show H the website!!


Disclaimer: I received a Princess Play Tent for the purpose of this review.

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Guest Post from The Party Works

It’s a first for me but today I am featuring a guest post. We have all been to and held kids parties, and the food is always a conundrum – go healthy and some kids won’t eat, go traditional and they are bouncing off the walls, here’s some ideas…….


Healthy Kids Parties

My son was invited to a birthday party about a month ago and I immediately began to worry. I knew the mother of the boy who was celebrating his 7th birthday and I knew that she had a tendency to spoil her children with sugary treats and fatty foods. Sure, those things have their place, but I didn’t want little Arthur gorging himself on pizza, candy and ice cream. I had it on good authority that this mother, who in all other respects was a great parent, kept a candy bar in her purse for every time her kids got an “A” on a test or held the door open for an old woman at the grocery store or ate a carrot. To top it off, her husband was an amateur hot dog eating champion! I was worried going into it so I came up with a few ways to make sure little Liam’s next birthday wouldn’t end in a sugar crash.

Pizza! Pizza!

Pizza is one birthday party staple that is hard to replace. I’ve experimented with making my own pizzas and I’ve always had a great time while doing it. It’s pretty simple to let kids make their own pizzas. You can buy wheat dough, have them roll it out, cover it in pizza sauce and top it with veggies, a selection of cheeses and pepperonis. This is a much healthier alternative to the grease-soaked bread that most pizza places will try to get you to eat.

Pop Replacement

Sodas are one thing I try to steer Liam clear of all the time. Did you know that one soda a day for a year will add 10 pounds of fat to the average person? If you can cut these sugary indulgences out of your child’s diet and out of their party, you’ll be doing everyone a favor. Instead, replace the soda with all natural fruit juice. For a pool party, try whipping up some smoothies using fruit, yoghurt and ice.

Cake Conundrum

How do you have a party without birthday cake? That’s a hard one to answer and you’ll probably find that a cake is the hardest thing to replace at a party. The good news is that cakes come in a lot of varieties. You don’t have to have a rich, thick cake with buttery icing. You can have an angel food cake with a light, sugar-free icing. This fluffy birthday cake will provide the perfect denouement to your child’s soiree.

Genny is a guest blogger who writes about party planning issues, such as how to throw the perfect Super Mario birthday party.

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Not Again

Well it is official I have fallen out of love this Valentines Day. It’s been one of those relationships that’s had it’s ups and downs and this time I think there is no way back. My car is out of action again! Now back in November time my car was playing up and I had some work done on it and since then it’s been fantastic. It’s coming up to MOT time again and I know it won’t pass, but on top of that, this morning it wouldn’t start. Tomorrow it’s getting towed away to find out what is wrong.

So, I now have the task of weighing up how much it is worth ploughing money into this car. I do a lot of miles for work and can’t work without wheels and I have been lucky enough not to need finance for anything since becoming single. I don’t want to live beyond my means, but yesterday I found out my job is definitely secure for another 2 and half years, so in that sense maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and cut my loses with this car.

Then there’s the whole emotional thing. Back in October I had half term off, was ill for all of it and was shortly after signed off for 5 weeks due to my depression. On the plus side I am now slowly reducing my meds and should be off them by the end of the month. Today is the first day since my dosage reduced that I have seen the me from months ago. I panicked about the car, I burst into tears and started with the whole “curse of half term” thoughts. I did however, get myself out of it. I walked to where I needed to go, yes it took about 2 hours instead of 30 minutes, but I have still done what I intended to do today. Tomorrow I am still doing what I planned to, but I’m no longer driving – no great issue there either. I’m thinking positive and not letting myself fall – 5 months ago I wasn’t able to do that.

Now it’s a waiting game, see what gets said tomorrow as to where I go with it, fingers crossed for an easy cheap solution! Here’s hoping!!

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Do you do Valentines?

Valentines Day is just around the corner and it’s one of those days where the price of flowers and meals out go up in price, and we all declare our undying love for each other! I’ll be honest and say I have never actually done Valentines Day. As a teen the most memorable Valentine’s experience was an ex breaking up with me and then I married my Ex at the start of February so we could never afford to do anniversary and Valentines only a week apart. It became just another day and although we bought each other a card that was about it.

Last year was my first Valentines with Mr D, we had a lovely home cooked meal, exchanged pressies and had a nice evening. This year we are going out for a meal to our favourite pub down the road, the meals there are very nice! Thing is though, to me it IS just another day. At the same time I regret not making more of it in the past so last year and this I have put more effort in, made a point of marking the day. Plus Mr D and I don’t have a wedding anniversary and the anniversary of us getting together is my birthday so in a way we don’t have that separate day we celebrate about “us”. So how do you mark the day?

If you are still looking for some gift ideas then check out Clintons because as you can imagine from the high street store, they have it covered. Whether it’s just the perfect card, or a token of your love, novelty items or heartfelt emotion, you’ll find it with them. You can get it all there if you have forgotten or just not had chance to look yet, they have Valentines gift wrap, cuddlies, novelties, sentiment and you can even order flowers through them, so what are you waiting for, make this Valentines one to remember with Clintons!


Disclaimer: I was sent products to sample for this review.

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