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Get Out of my Head

I know that there’s logic, the things that are clear,

The things that make sense and are right,

I know that I want to keep people near,

To hold those who are dear to me tight!


The problem is all inside my head,

It’s ugly and evil and comes out when I’m down,

Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to be dead,

But at this moment in time I’m glad to be alone.


Something in my mind is telling me,

Something in my mind won’t let me be,

Something in my mind doesn’t want me to be free

And I just want to be happy!


I don’t like to cry or be upset,

I know I can solve any problem I face,

I think it’s time that my fears are met,

And I can put my demons in their place.

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Darkness Falls

It’s dark in here

Someone turn on the light

Let me see what’s going on and who is here with me

It’s dark in here

I don’t know which way to turn

I can’t work out what these noises are without the sense of sight

It’s dark in here

When will the dawn break

I need this weight to lift from me it’s wearing me down

It’s dark in here

I’m getting used to it

I know it’s not perfection but it’s comforting in it’s familiarity

It’s dark in here

But I’ve forgot what bright feels like

Maybe it’s just better to say dark is the new light

It’s dark in here


When did the light disappear?

When was it replaced with fear?

Will I ever see the light again…

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