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Race for Fitness

All of us versus cancer

Well I have done it, for the last 8 years I have said every year I will do Race for Life, and every time I haven’t done it. This year though, I am doing it. I’m not just doing it but I’m going to train and my aim is to jog the full 5k course. I have my trainers, my essential sports wear (very high support sports bra is a must unless I want black eyes!!), and my companion Mumtoj!

Race for Life

I’ve downloaded my iPhone training app, I’ll let you know what I think once I get going with it. I’ve also downloaded Now That’s What I Call Running and what an album that is, whether your planning on going running or not, check it out as its has some great songs on it!

On top of all that I have of course registered with Race for Life and set up a Lets Giving page for people to support me. To be honest I didn’t quite realise how easy it is to set up a let’s giving page. Not only can people support us by sponsoring through the page, you can also text MUMS78 £5 to 70070 and through your phone bill that’s a £5 donation, couldn’t be easier!!

CRUK Main Logo

For anyone who doesn’t know, Race for Life is an annual event to support Cancer Research UK. It’s a scary thought that in the UK alone someone gets told they have cancer every 2 seconds. I count myself as very lucky to have never had anyone close to me diagnosed with cancer, but I know at some point that will change and that’s why I am running…not in memory, but in the hope that my experience can be more common than it is. With all the hard work of Cancer Research UK I hope that one day cancer is not such a scary word!

Whilst cancer is the underlying reason for Race for Life, I am hoping that my training will just be the start and that the longer term benefits will be a fitter, healthier, slimmer me. And who knows, that might just be as good for my health as the work that Cancer Research UK do. If you want to support me then please click on the “Sponsor Me” box on the right. In return I promise to blog the ups and downs of my training and the event itself!

Together we will beat cancer

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