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Big boots to fill!! 2/365


H decides to wear Mr K’s boots while eating a pepperami!!!! My daughter is crazy!!

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Get Lost with Karen Rose

As a busy mum I get little time to escape for me time so what ever it is I want to do has to be in an evening when the kids are in bed. Of course there is the usual TV programmes and watching a film, but what I really love to do is get lost in a book.

Those who know me will know that about 2 years ago I was into Twilight and any other Vampire literature I could sink my teeth into. Then I got a bit bored of the genre and needed something a bit more true to life. I’ve never been one for reading romances, but I don’t do horror. I was at a bit of a loss.

It was a visit to my Aunties’ just over a year ago that changed all that. She had two books by Karen Rose and said I would enjoy them. As she was in the process of moving house she said either I took them or they would go to the charity shop. Within a week I had read the first of the two and was hooked.

At the moment, Karen has 12 books out and whilst each one can be read independently, the characters crop up in different books, so it wasn’t long before I ordered them all and started from book one. You can check out her books on her website. I’ve only got 3 more to go and then I will be eagerly awaiting the release of her new book in January.

The thing I love about the stories is they are believable yet pure escapism at the same time. Many of the lead males are unbelievably romantic, but not in a OTT way. There is always plenty of sexual chemistry and plenty of murders to solve. I’ve not managed to read a single one yet that hasn’t made me laugh, cry and completely pull me in. I love how I feel when I’m reading these books, they are great for relaxing and switching off all the other things floating through my brain – I would go as far as saying my best nights sleep are after reading a chapter of one of her books!

So if you love books and you’re looking for something new, get reading!! I’d love to hear if any of you have read her books and what you all think!

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Justin to Hit the Charts

I’m so excited! Yesterday I was one of the lucky Blogger Mum’s who received Justin Fletcher’s new album “Hands Up!”


Justin Fletcher_Slipcase

I’m sworn to secrecy on the contents, but I just wanted to let you know you can pre order here!

The album is due for release on November 21st, with the single “Hands Up” out the week before.

For a sneak preview of “Hands Up”, check our Justin’s Facebook Page or follow him on twitter – @_JustinFletcher

Watch this space for my full review, but this one is guaranteed to be played on repeat. I’m off to hit the play button AGAIN!!!!

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The Wonderful World We Live In

Think about it, life is pretty good these days, we have technology that was only dreamed of by out grandparents. We can communicate in ways that would seem magical to those only 100 years ago. Everything seems to talk to each other, phones, computers, printers, even the TV can be controlled by your mobile phone from anywhere in the world! It’s pretty amazing really.

Until it goes wrong……

This week I have been off for half term, so I had planned to get on top of my Blog, do some mindless tweeting and play rubbish games on Facebook, in-between doing all the kiddie things of course!! So imagine my annoyance when at about 1pm on Monday my router stopped working. At first I thought it just needed resetting but after trying it in 2 sockets and a phone call to my provider, it transpired that my modem was broke and I need a new one. My initial thought was, great how much is this going to cost me? So when the nice lady on the phone told me that actually it would be free I was happy again. Then came the dreaded words “Your replacement modem will be with you within 5 working day”. Great!!

Ok I thought, it’s ok, I can tweet and keep up with Facebook on my iPhone, and I’m off work so ne need to access my work email from home. Except I use my WiFi at home for my phone, and without it on my poor signal means it takes ages to load anything! Still, it’s not all bad, it’s half term and I have to spend the time with the girls without the internet………

B asked me to help with her homework so while H was at nursery on Tuesday we sat down to do it. Hmmm, I don’t know much about Anglo-Saxons. B piped up “Let’s Google it mum”. Nope, not this week, we’ll have to do it the old fashioned way, and out came the history books!

Don’t get me wrong, I can live without the internet, but when it’s my choice, like when I’m on holiday! I just don’t like having it taken away without my say so!!

As you can tell, I have received my replacement modem and all systems are now go again. Normal service is once again resumed. Phew, my security blanket is back!! It made me realise how much I rely on technology though, from simple keeping in touch to banking; homework to proving I’m right in debates, the internet is the norm these days and I actually find it quite fascinating that my girls will never know a world without the web, I wonder what will develop in their lifetime, and if I came back in 100 years would it be to a world that I can only now imagine as magic?

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Is our Parliament Well Hung?

I’ve done it. I’ve just been and voted. This time I have done it for me. The first time I voted I was 18 and really didn’t have much of a clue. This is the only General Election I have voted in, truly believing I had made an informed choice. As part of my 101 things in 1001 days, I said I was going to do research so I knew who to vote for. Boy, did I research! I read all the three major parties manifesto’s a few times, and had them favourited so I could drop back into them whenever I thought of something else. I spoke openly to anyone and everyone who would listen about my undecided vote. I got into some really good debates both in “real” life and in the virtual world of the net. All the parties had some things I agreed with. All the parties had things I didn’t agree with. All the party leaders had me nodding along, then shouting abuse during the Leader’s Debates. I changed my mind sooooo many times!


So, ok you all want to know how I voted? Now I know some people are very cagey about their vote. No-one has the right to expect people to say who they vote for. It’s a personal decision. Now I have cast my vote, and many people will have voted by the time they read this, my little bit of political waffle will make no difference in the grand scheme of things because we the public are deciding right now, up and down the country, who will be our next Government.


I am proud to say that I voted Labour. Ok, ok stop shouting at me while I tell you why. I voted Labour because I turned 18 in time to vote in the election where the Tory reign ended and Labour came to power. My whole adult life has been spent in a Labour run Britain. I have never been unemployed for more than a few months when moving house, apart from through choice after having my children. I receive Tax Credits which enable me to work as a single parent, without which I would have no choice but stay at home. Both my children have Trust Funds. Ok I am the one who pays into them but if the Government hadn’t made them compulsory then I for one probably still wouldn’t have set them up off my own back. Ok, you cry, what about the credit crunch? Well, I don’t think we can blame a global recession on one person and Gordon Brown was not to blame. We all spent too much, took advantage of interest free credit and lived in a material world. Hang on, that’s a song, it was out in the 80’s, Material World, ah yes – the glorious yuppie 80’s where everyone wanted the latest gadgets and lived in debt. Our economy has never recovered from that, and back then it wasn’t Brown, it was Bloody Thatcher! See, for all my childhood the country was under a Conservative government and my memory is that times were harder then than I have had during the Credit Crunch. There was no spare cash in the household budget for extra’s and treats really were treats.


The other big reason I have voted Red, is down to the Sure Start Children’s Centre’s across the countries which face closure if the Conservatives come to power. I have said it before and will say it again, my local Children’s Centre saved me from going down a very dark and bleak road when I had H. It also saved a lot of others. Labour brought them in and Labour will keep them. The Conservatives will keep some but many face closure. I am now in a line of work that involves the Children’s Centre in a massive way and I would hate to loose them both from the eyes of a Mother and a Professional.


I’ve never voted Labour before, I have to be honest here. I have voted Conservative and Liberal Democrat in the past and do believe in a lot of the Lib Dem campaign, but the way our voting system works in Britain today, Lib Dem would never get in, so my support is with Labour because I am confident that it’s the lesser of two evils! Election campaigns tend to focus on the bad, I have looked at the good that Labour have done and I have to say, my life would be very different now if we’d been under a different Government, and not in a good way! I’m holding out for a Hung Parliament if I am honest, with another General Election within 2 years. Some say this would be a death sentence for our country, but actually I think it could be a good short term option!

Have you voted yet?

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Politics and Me

It’s a week till we all descend on the polling stations and mark our X’s in the applicable box. And for the 1st time since I have been old enough to vote I actually think my solitary vote could make a difference! But I have to admit, of all the research and discussion I have done, I still can’t say I am 100% made up in my decision. I’m probably 95% there, but the 5% of uncertainty is enough that I am still looking for more information!


I live in an area which currently has a Conservative MP. His leaflet came round today. Ok so it’s the 1st to be addressed to me rather than just a leaflet through the door. Thing is though, the leaflet just harps on about what Labour and Gordon Brown have done to damage our country whilst in office. It doesn’t tell me what he is going to do for me in my area though.


As for Labour, well, I don’t trust Gordon Brown and never have, but, just because to me he has untrustworthy eye’s does that mean enough to disregard him. I know the country is in a state, and yes the other parties can argue that they would have dealt with it quicker or differently, but WE the public, all jumped on the band wagon of free and cheap credit, buy now pay later, and that all contributed too. It wasn’t all down to 1 man. And it wasn’t just our country. Again though, Brown just seems to go on about what the Tories are proposing!


So that leaves Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats. Great. I have voted Lib Dem in every election up until now. They speak in a language I understand and although I don’t always agree, they win a lot from me for using plain English. In the 1st debate Clegg was winning all the way for me – until Trident. Now I am in no way saying I agree with Nuclear weapons, but they are a very important deterrent and the thought of Clegg scrapping Trident scares the hell out of me. It leaves us wide open. If everyone decided to get rid of nuclear warfare then yes great all for that. Seeing as how we have it in the 1st place to protect us from those who may use their weapons against us, well why the hell would we want to now say “Ok we will disarm, you should all do the same”, like hell any of them will!!! So I am stuck, money, life the lot could be great under a Lib Dem government, but is it worth it for the possible extra threat??? Or am I understanding this wrong, does Clegg plan on keeping Trident just not revamping it?


It’s really not an easy choice but one thing is for sure, I will vote. Not for the suffragettes, although there is the argument there too. No the reason I will vote is down to the fact that it is OUR choice as a nation. If I don’t have my say then I don’t have a say. Not just next Thursday but every day. So much comes under the umbrella of politics – the price of fuel and other goods, the cost of a TV Licence, the amount of foreign people moving into our towns, the state of the streets, how safe our towns are, how much we earn, the benefits and pensions we and our families receive. No matter your opinions on these things, if you don’t vote you really have no reason to complain. In the words of my Mum “I will vote, because my vote isn’t helping Cameron get in!” But it’s true, if you don’t vote you are helping out the parties you don’t agree with!


I’d love to know your opinions, I know a lot of bloggers have touched on this, but with a week left, I am still a floating voter so all opinions help!!!

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A Whole New World

What is this feeling, I don’t understand it. My girls are at Daddy’s, I’m sat home alone, trying to sort out things for a car boot tomorrow and I’m just feeling fantastic! For the 1st time since I have been a single Mum I am actually enjoying my weekend off without wondering what they are up to every second. Yet I really wasn’t prepared for it, as you will know from reading my blogs on the run up to Daddy coming home.


Yesterday I spent the morning with Daddy, H and L, going through the changes in both B and H’s routines and boundaries. The afternoon was spent sorting things for the car boot, then I took B’s bike over to Daddy’s and saw my other baby girl, our dog who I haven’t seen since H was born almost 2 years ago. I nearly cried when I saw her and she went mental, you can definitely say that she remembers me!


I got home, ate, showered and changed before heading to the pub for the 1st time in 2010!! It’s been a long old 4 months I can tell you. Going out with friends is my 1 release, the time I can be 100% myself without the girls, without thinking about work, just be me!! And actually for the 1st time since I moved here I was out in male company for most of the night (We had to do the obligatory drink with the parents!!!). I have always got on better with blokes than women, I don’t know why just have and as much as I love all my girlie friends I have made here, I do miss the different humour a night out makes with blokes – maybe it’s the military humour I grew up with and the fact it takes quite a bit to offend me!


So at 3am this morning I rolled into bed. I was fairly tipsy it has to be said. But actually I wasn’t completely hammered! I slept not too well, as is the case when it’s alcohol induced sleep. Woke up, shower, dressed, done some jobs round the house. Ate left over kebab for lunch. And after writing this I’m off for a BBQ at my parents. It’s nothing special but right now I’m sat thinking, this is the life. I love my girls to bits as is probably obvious from this blog, but I had forgotten how much I enjoy and need this time to me. As a single parent there is never time for the things you need to do for you – but now I can again! Think I may even get booked in for my hair and nails next weekend – as it’s payday!!!


Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say, hadn’t posted in a few days and it’s because at the moment I actually feel like I have a life, and I’m loving living it!!!

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What’s in my Handbag?

A few days ago I was Twittering away and the lovely WeeWifie asked if anyone fancied being tagged in a Meme. Well I hadn’t heard of the one she was on about so piped up and here I am after being tagged!

So, the aim of the game is to tell everyone what is in your handbag. Now I am assuming the purpose is to hopefully find something really interesting in there, or be able to read into the contents to find out more about the person who’s bag it is. Or maybe it’s just a more interesting way for us women to sort out our bags, because come on unless you recently got a new bag, when did you last sort out yours?

Here’s what’s in mine………

So on to my tags, I want to know what’s in your:

Kerry, your an Avon rep so bound to have loads of interesting things in your bag, and Becky because I am nosey!!!


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Just A Hard Woman Without a Heart

As per my previous few posts, life is great at the minute and I’m not going to pretend it’s not but I have to admit that I still sometimes wish I had someone to share it with. My family are fantastic and I love them to pieces for all the help and love and support they give me and my girls. I’ve also got some fantastic friends, but as is the case in life, friendships change and I have recently gone through some big changes in that a close friend has emigrated and another friendship has drifted apart. Other friends I don’t see now I am back to work, but at the same time new doors have opened in that I am making new friends both at and through my work.

It’s a hard one, on the one hand I love being a single mum, I am more at ease with life being on my own and my girls are happy. At the same time though, I have been single for 2 years and moved away from some dear friends when it happened. I still have my lonely moments. I hate the fact I have no one who I could call up and invite over for a glass of wine – because those friends I do have, have their own families who come 1st. I am a tough cookie to crack. I am completely honest in that after all I have gone through I don’t just let anyone into my heart any more, it takes me time and that’s no bad thing but does that make me come across as the tough cookie who needs no one else? If so I would like to shout out to everyone and say I do have a heart, I do feel lonely when the kids are in bed and I can’t go out and no one comes round.

Next weekend will be my 1st child free weekend for 3 months and I have NOTHING and NOONE to spend time with. My family are all meeting up and I am in two minds to go with them, or stay home and catch up on sleep and jobs – although to be honest I don’t think I could do 48 hours of my own company!  Where do people go to meet others these days? What do 30 something single women do when their married friends are all busy? I’m surely not the only single mum out there who feels like this at times?

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Delaying Tactics!

MumtoJ & JI’ve had a wonderful day today. Along with Mumtoj and all 3 kids we went to the seaside for the day as our Farewell Day Out before they leave for Oz next week. It was one of those days that was just perfect in every way. We left home at 8.30am and every one was full of the joys of spring. There was a little worry the weather would be awful, but it was spot on what we could have hoped for at this time of year. 

It was your typical trip to a BritishSandcastles seaside town. We visited the Sea Life centre and ate fish and chips, we played on the beach in our coats, we ate hot doughnuts on the sea front and all the kids fell asleep on the way home! We swapped gifts and cards with sentimental messages, we laughed and at the end of the day we cried. 

It always amazes me though, how the most perfect of days just happen. Sure we had planned to go to the seasideOn the beach for the day out but that was all we could plan. We couldn’t plan how many tantrums happened, we couldn’t plan the rain to stay away and we couldn’t plan saying goodbye, because at the end of it all we managed to rearrange seeing each other one more time before they go. So on Monday I will call to theirs for the very last time, to collect the vacuum cleaner they can’t take and were going to skip. I’m not taking the girls because that was hard enough today. But Monday I will have to say goodbye, with no perfect day at the beach before hand!


Love you Mumtoj and I wish you all the best…………..but remember, we will always have Hunstanton lol!!!!

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