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Baby Royale Blanket

I was approached by Hello Baby recently to review the Baby Royale luxury baby blanket, and whilst H is not really in the baby category anymore, she loves her blankets so I thought I would see what she thought of it.

Baby Royale is a small company based in Hertfordshire who create a range of ethically sourced premium baby products. This blanket is the first in their range with more to come later in the year. The blanket is hand woven with an inconsistent look, which I think adds character. With 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, the blankets are soft and silky. The blanket is available in blue, pink and white.

BabyRoyale Bamboo Baby Blanket - Pink Preview 1

So why bamboo?

Well the reasons Baby Royale went for bamboo are for performance and for the environment. Bamboo is naturally hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial, making it great for babies from birth. On top of this Bamboo plants regenerate and therefore don’t need replenishing, the plants are simply trimmed rather than cut down. Also, no pesticides are needed on bamboo due to it’s anti-bacterial properties, which means the fibres are pest resistant, making the bamboo plant ecologically friendly.

So what does all this mean for us?

All this means we get a really soft blanket that’s baby and child friendly. It makes a beautiful gift for anyone with a new born and it will last as a child grows. H is now 2 1/2 years and she snuggled up a few times over the weekend when she wanted “a chill out”. It’s just the right size to have on the sofa. It’s nice and versatile, with a younger baby it could be used in the cot, car seat or pushchair.

After trying the Baby Royale blanket I’ll be interested to see what other products they bring out later in the year.

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Have you tried Photobox?

Like any parent, I love taking photo’s. I’m in the process of searching for my perfect camera and hoping Santa will be good to me this year. Thing is though, I’m guilty like many of taking pictures, putting them on my PC and then that’s it. Other than sticking some on Facebook to share with family and friends, and emailing them to others, I rarely “do” anything with them. The thing is though, there is so much you can do with them, so when I was approached by the people over at I jumped at the chance to try out their service.

Opening an account with them is as easy as joining any other internet site, just input your details and your away. On joining, you get 40 free prints automatically which is incentive in itself, but the wide variety of products available is amazing. Of course, you have to upload your pictures to use them, but that is straight forward and easy and once done you can start to play around to make gifts, enlargements and photo books to name just a few things.

After my week away in Scotland with the girls recently I decided to make a photo book of our trip. The guideline is to set aside 30 minutes to design the book and depending on which book you choose, the number of pictures varies too. Small books start from just £5.99, up to large books at £45.99 and lots of options in-between. There are themes to chose from and the design element is as easy as drag and drop into the spaces marked out. You can also add pictures to different areas of each page and resize if you want to really put your own stamp on the design. It really was as simple as that! I opted for a Square Hard backed 30 page book and it took me around the estimated 30 minute mark to put it together. It really was so simple and enjoying to do. Then after placing the order it was just a case of sitting back and waiting for it to arrive.

It took a week for my order to be ready for dispatch and arrived just 2 days later, so if you are buying for a gift I would say allow 2 weeks to be on the safe side. When it arrived I was very impressed with the quality and B loved looking through it too! When you take into account the cost of prints, a photo album and the time it takes to sort all that out, these books really are no more expensive and look so professional. I have already decided that I will be putting one together for Christmas and probably for each of the girls birthdays in future as well as other occasions such as holidays. They are also a brilliant idea for presents for the family.

Thing is though, there are so many other options too, I decided to order the fridge magnets too, just to see what they are like! I was so impressed that neither have gone on my fridge, one went to my mum for her birthday and the other to my Grandma as a house warming gift. I’ll definitely be buying them again!

There is only one problem though, after my great experience with Photobox, I am spoilt for choice as to what to buy next!! They do regularly have special offers on different products though, and with their refer a friend scheme you can get plenty more free prints just by letting others know about the service!

So here’s to many more great photo experiences with Photobox, and hopefully taken with my new camera that Santa brings!!

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