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Christmas money!! 3/365

How long does Christmas money last with your kids? Today we have been shopping, clothes, leap pad case, colouring and haircuts!! Two very happy girls!!


Here’s H in her Brave dress and colouring away!!!

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Photo a day 2013……..1/365


Happy new year!! The first photo of the year is of our amazing family night in chocolates from Thornton’s. We all had fun spinning the wheel to choose the chocolate!! The diet starts tomorrow!!!

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It’s November Again

Right then, it’s almost the start of November, which could mean a few things:

It’s not long till Christmas so if you haven’t started your shopping now might be a good time to think about it!

It’s Movember, that time where men folk grow 80’s porn star style moustaches to raise awareness of prostate cancer!

It’s time I get my arse into gear with blogging again and join NaBloPoMo for the second year. If you don’t know what that is, it’s National Blog Post Month. The challenge is to do a post every day throughout November. Last year I was off work with depression and managed to get through both that and the blogging challenge by writing about what I was going through. This year I am glad to say I’m not off sick and so won’t be writing about that!! The challenge this year will be finding the time to write 30 posts, work, be a mum, be a girlfriend, get organised for Christmas and find time to relax!

Watch this space……..

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A Change in Direction

Surprise!!! It’s me, I haven’t fallen of the blogging sphere just been thinking about the shape I want my blog to take and in the process I’ve neglected it a little!!

The thing is, the job I do is all about confidentiality and it’s made me question how confidential my blog really is, those who know me, know who I am but am I putting too much out there that can be read by strangers and potentially people who I work with and support. Do I really want those people knowing all about me?

So I thought about giving it up, I really did contemplate shutting down my blog and closing the door on this part of my life.

That made me a little sad!

Ok in the last year I have mainly written reviews and hosted guest posts, but I do miss writing for myself. Thing is I get really bored with other blogs that get taken over by reviews and guest posts and I don’t want other people to think the same about my blog, so this is what I have decided……..

My blog is now going to be less personal, more about discussing what’s going on in the world and my opinions, I don’t ever intend to offend, but hopefully it will start some good discussion! I’ll still do some reviews and guest posts are always welcome but my aim is to write at least twice a week. I’ll still talk about my life but in the context of the posts and for that purpose here is a brief update on me and my family:

H started school in September and is loving it, B is now in year 5.

Mr D and I split up back in April, and in July I met Mr K who is amazing and I am not afraid to say I am madly in love with, we met online and he lives an hour away so we only see each other at weekends or holidays, but we both know that won’t be the case forever!

I’m still doing the same job but completed my Diploma this week, something which has taken up a lot of my time and has also impacted on my blog, I’m glad it’s done though.

I hope you all enjoy discovering my new direction and I look forward to hearing your views!!

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What a Difference a Month Makes

Well today marks the end of the NaBloPoMo Challenge, where bloggers have been writing a post a day for the whole of November. When I decided to take up the challenge I was just getting back into blogging and mainly did it to get back into the habit of posting. I am proud to say that I have made it to the end!! I will admit I missed 2 days when I first went off work, mainly because I was feeling pretty low and just couldn’t find the motivation.

So what has happened over the month?

The biggest subject of my blog this month has been my depression. It seems so long ago I wrote a post about how low I was feeling which inevitably has led to me seeing the doctor, being diagnosed with depression and being off work for most of the month. I would love to say I am getting there but I still feel pretty rubbish. I went back to the doctor today who has signed me off for another 2 weeks. The tablets aren’t yet making a difference but I have been reassured this is nothing to be concerned about in the short term because it can take up to 4 weeks to feel the benefits.

Also, Christmas is coming and while I struggle to find my enthusiasm I have almost finished my shopping and have started the wrapping, I’ve even delivered pressies to family that I won’t see on the day! I need to get the tree up as this is the first year since I left home 12 years ago that the tree has not made it into the house before the end of November. I guess NaBloPoMo has taken up more of my time than I thought!!

This month also saw the arrival of some welcome exciting news………but you still have to watch this space on that one for a while!

Now I have to decide how often I will post from now on. I think every day is a lot, although I know some bloggers do, and I have in the past written a daily post. I don’t want to end up not writing very often though and losing any new readers that may be out there! So I think I will aim to do a minimum of 3 a week. What do you think, did you take part in NaBloPoMo and if so how much will you blog now it’s over? Or how much would you like to read from me? Some days I could waffle on for a long time and others I don’t have anything to say so any opinions are welcome!!

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Silent Sunday


Soon be time again!

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Writers block

When I decided to get involved with NaBloPoMo and committed to write a post every day for a month, I didn’t quite think it would be so hard. I always have something to say and those who know me will know I have an opinion on everything. Trouble is I have now got complete writers block.

To say I have nothing to write about would be wrong. I have so much I would love to share but it’s all things which are not appropriate for me to blog about or things which I’m not ready to share.

So I’m after tips and inspiration! What do you do when you have writers block?

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The Price of Anonymity

So I blog, so I don’t use my kids names, so I am anonymous, so I can say what I want! Right?

I have got back into blogging recently and as such knew that a big way to get readers is to comment on other blogs. As such I’ve been reading and to be honest have been shocked at what I have read! I haven’t commented because I have been lost for words!! It got me to wonder, what the hell do people think happens when they write a blog post. It’s viewable by anyone in the world and anonymity or not, you have no control over who sees it!

Here’s just an example of some of the stuff I have read:

  • Details of sex life
  • Moaning about partners
  • Moaning about in laws
  • Pictures of other people’s kids

Now don’t get me wrong, I am sure that all these bloggers (and I have seen examples of these on more than 1 blog so I’m not thinking of anyone in particular) have asked the other people if it’s ok to write about them, and I really hope that they have also asked other people if it is ok to publish pics of their kids. But beyond that, can we really be sure of who sees what we write? Anyone with an internet connection can see what we blog about. Yes paedophiles might read. Yes ex’s who want you back might read it. Your in laws may read what you don’t want them to see. You might tell your best mate the new position you tried last night but do you really need to tell the world your hubby was crap at it?

We all need to rant sometimes and no one blogs what they aren’t likely to say to a partner or best friend, but there are some things that are best not in the public domain, surely? Do we really live in a society where everything is public?

Personally, I write minimally about other people and try my hardest to keep them anonymous, but I know that there will always be some one out there who knows who I am talking about. So I do always ask, what do I want people I know, to know? In a strange way, I am happy with strangers to know and comment on anything because to them I’m not a real person – but I have to be prepared that what I write online may get someone’s back up, and if it does I may have to face that without the security of my laptop in front of me.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t blog, and in the main the posts on mummy blogs are what I would say “safe” in that they are personal but not infringing on others’ privacy – sometimes though I do wonder if the fact it’s all online makes us more likely to say what should remain unsaid!

What are your blogging boundaries, and do you speak up if you think other posts cross a line?

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Long Time no Blog!

It’s been a while since I have done much with my blog so I just wanted to assure you that I am still here! I guess work life coupled with keeping up with housework and of course being a busy Mum has got on top of me and my blog has suffered. So many times I have thought “Wow that would make a fantastic blog post” and then not got round to writing it there and then, but by the time I sit down to write the ideas have left my head! Mainly due to the fact then by the time I sit down and switch on the lap top my brain has switched off.


It’s not even as if I have lots to say as to why I haven’t blogged, but I wanted to write a post to highlight the fact that life as a single working Mum is hard. I know a lot of you reading this will be thinking “Well duh, of course it is!”, and that’s another reason why this post is being written. I’m after tips as to how everyone deals with hectic lives, whether you blog or not, what strategies do you have to make sure there is time for everything? Any tips really would be appreciated.


So many jobs are shouting at me to be done, and I seem to have no time to do any of them!! But I promise to try and blog more often and I may end up carrying a note book round with me so I can jot down the ideas as I get them……….watch this space!

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Hiding Behind the Laptop!

I was thinking yesterday how it’s really strange how I will blog about anything yet in real life it’s different! I will talk about anything on here, within reason of course! I recently took part in the Meme telling the whole world what I keep in my handbag! Yet yesterday at work when I lost my phone in it, I was really conscious about emptying the contents out on the table in front of my colleagues! In reality though any of them could have had the guided tour on my blog!


It did make me wonder though, do we loose too many inhibitions when we are hiding behind the laptop? I talk openly about my thoughts and feelings on here – mainly because once the kids are in bed I am sat on my own with just my virtual web friends to talk through things that are on my mind! I enjoy letting people into my mind and seeing what goes on in my world but is it always a good thing to be so forthcoming with information in such a public and in some ways uncontrolled way.


Facebook is the same, I’m no where near as bad as I have been, but it has been known for me to post status updates 15 to 20 times a day. In some respects that’s not as bad because it’s only friends who can view it, all 200 hundred odd of them some of which are, again, “virtual” friends! And don’t get me started on Twitter, I’m not on there all the time but everything I post on there (except direct messages) is viewable by anyone in the world. You can even have your tweets show up in Google searches.


It’s how our society is these days. The internet is a fantastic way of sourcing information and keeping in touch, but it’s also a haven for those strange people who like to stalk others or steal identities! When I set up this blog I made a decision not to name my children or myself, not to give away where in the world I am or to post pictures of me and my girls. That didn’t last long. Ok my girls are still nameless, but I have used pictures and joined things like The Secret Post Club, which means people learn more about me.


I guess it’s impossible to be invisible, but what I am trying to say is that sometimes I forget just how public the net can be and wonder if maybe, sometimes, the fact we are sat in our comfortable, safe homes, we forget the net isn’t just what’s on our screen! Do you ever worry you’re saying too much?

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