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Playing around 31/365

I treated myself to the nexus 7 at Christmas and I love it, so does H, here’s one of her creations……


She has also taken to keeping an eye on the planets and even wants me to download books she can read! I thought it was my gadget!!!

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Gadgets I can’t Live Without

I was recently tagged in a Meme about websites I can’t live without, and while writing that post it got me thinking that there are certain gadgets I can’t live without……….so I decided that as I am suffering a bit of Writers Block at the moment, I would write a post about the gadgets in my life!


1. My absolute favourite gadget is my iPhone. I remember when I worked for Carphone Warehouse and this was released, I couldn’t justify the cost then. I didn’t see the appeal. Don’t get me wrong, I sold it on it’s merits but I didn’t believe it would be the phone for me. Time went on and years down the line a friend of mine showed me hers. She didn’t show me from a sales point of view, she showed me the practicalities, the things she loved about it and why she will never have a different phone. I’ve now had my iPhone for 16 months and I can honestly say I will never have a different phone. I am in no rush to upgrade although the new iPhone 4S looks pretty good. So, you want to know why I love it so much? Firstly, it’s a phone! No, really, I mean it makes calls and receives them! As a mobile phone I have to say it is the easiest I have ever used. It is just so logical. Text messages, like many smart phones now, show as a conversation stream, meaning you can see what has been said in previous texts, particularly handy when someone replies hours later with just “yes” and you can’t remember what you asked them! I also love that no matter where I am I can access the web to find answers to questions, look up where the nearest restaurant is, find cinema times. Apps available are endless, there’s the usual eBay, Amazon and other high street stores. I’ve even got an App to sent my gas and electric meter readings to my provider. Oh, and I get my emails straight to my phone so I can deal with them wherever I am. I could go on, but I think you get my point!

slow cooker

2. Regular readers will know I blogged about my slow cooker a few weeks ago, because I love it so much I gave it it’s own post which you can read here. i just love how this device makes healthy food easy and little effort, perfect for busy family life.






3. I never thought I would say it, but after a couple of months of Sky+ HD I can safely say I am so glad I got it. We don’t watch masses of TV in our house, tends to be from about 6pm after tea and then it’s on until I go to bed, but that said, the girls and I all watch while doing other things and rarely sit zombiefied in front of the box. The thing I love though is that coming from Freeview+ I already had the ability to pause, record and rewind. Sky+ HD is so much better though. Firstly, yes you can tell a difference with HD and I am pleased I paid for the package because most of the stuff I watch is on HD. I watch new programmes now, I’ve got pretty hooked on “The Secret Circle”, “Ringer” and “Blue Bloods” to name just a few. The girls also have more options available to them. I have to admit to getting very bored with CBeebies and CBBC! I know it costs me money, but I can honestly say it is money well spent.


4. Where would we be without hair straighteners? I look back on pictures of me as a teenagers and can’t actually believe how big my hair is! In recent years I have learnt how to tame my curls so I don’t use my straighteners as often these days, but when I am going for a night out or special event, I would not be without them! 80’s hair has not made a come back and until it does I have my GHD’s!





So it’s over to you, pick this up if you fancy but I’m tagging some fellow bloggers below as I would love to hear what gadgets you can’t live without!


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