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Song Saturday Returns

This week sees the return of Song Saturday with this wonderful song from Snow Patrol…..


All I’ll say is it’s our song, Mr K asked me to listen to it once and it’s perfect, I said yes!!!!

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Song Saturday – Bat Out of Hell

Yep it’s that time of week again. This week my song is…………….


This is another one that holds family memories. I grew up with Meatloaf but when I hear this it takes me back to Boxing Day 1999, at my grandma’s house with lots of family. I remember jumping around and singing this with my mum, uncle and aunty – good times!!

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Song Saturday – Total Eclipse of the Heart

This week my song for Saturday is the Bonnie Tyler classic, Total Eclipse of the Heart. This is a song which holds many memories for me.

Firstly it reminds me of being a kid without a care in the world! In particular it reminds me of me and my friend Emma dressing up and using my bed as a stage to make up dance routines to songs, of which this was our favourite! The main thing was we had to start ALL routines facing the wall and turning around at the start – I think that must have been the way it was done on TV at the time!

The other memories are tied to family, on a family holiday to Gran Canaria 3 years ago this one was always requested by my aunty at the bar we went to, and since then I have had the “pleasure” of hearing her sing it with or without a mic!!

Whichever memory this one sparks, it always makes me smile!!

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Song Saturday

Ok so I have just got back into blogging. I love blogging but life sometimes gets in the way – so I noticed something going on called NaBloPoMo. At first I though “What??” I read a bit about it then realised it is a challenge to write a blog post each day for the whole of November. So I decided that is what I am going to do and hopefully by the end of the month blogging will be back in my list of daily habits!

Every day is lots though, for a whole month, so I am introducing a feature to my blog called………..

……………………Song Saturday!

Welcome to the first post where I pick a song and blog about what it means to me!

This week:

Martina McBride – In My Daughter’s Eye’s

I cried the first time I heard this and I have every time since. The words are so true, to my daughters I am everything and I know this because I am a daughter. When my marriage broke down while I was pregnant, my daughter H saved me from what I could have turned to – the line “She was sent to rescue me” was written for H!

Fantastic song, enjoy!

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ZingZillas: The Album

Anyone with preschool kids who watch CBeebies will know what I mean when I say the ZingZillas have gone down a storm with the little ones. The hit show follows the members of the band, Zak,Tang, Panzee and Drum through their musical adventures. The band of primate friends live to play music, creating their unique ZingZilla sound each day for The Big Zing.

Musical guests visit the island too and with musical influences from rock, soul, jazz and samba, their music is guarenteed to get the little ones dancing! So what better way than to have 26 of their hits on CD! The wait is over, released on 4th October 2010 you can now get your hands on the album and if your little one is a fan this is a great treat for them!Zingzillas - The Album

So when I was given the chance to review the album, I jumped at the chance. H loves the show, often asking for it on when it’s not! What I wasn’t prepared for was the enthusiasm from B when she heard it too. They both get up and dance and it’s a great alternative to the TV being on in the afternoon! I’m also impressed with the track list, sooften these kids CD’s come out with 9 or 10 tracks and it’s over in no time at all. But with 26 tracks it is spot on. We’ve not listened to it all in one sitting as yet but it means we hear different songs each time!

In a few weeks we are going up to Scotland and the drive is going to be long and this is the first thing I am packing. Might not be my cup of tea for the journey but if they are happy things will run smoothly!

The RRP is £9.99 and for me, well worth the money. It’s an ideal stocking filler, and lets face it we’re at that time of year already!

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