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Stacking Tree Review

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at to review the Stacking Tree, it arrived last week and H hasn’t stopped playing with it since!

PlanToys Stacking Tree Wooden Baby Toy Preview

PlanToys Stacking Tree Wooden Baby Toy Preview 2

The stacking tree is made from rubber wood and consist of a trunk, attached to a sturdy base, with 8 branches of varying shades of green, and 4 different sizes. On first look on the web site it does conjure up the idea this is quite small, but standing 21.5cm tall it’s the perfect size for little hands. It is recommended for age 2 years plus, H is now 23 months and it is perfect for her level of ability. She loves to make different shapes, and also loves tipping it upside down when I have stacked it wrong!! I can also see scope for the play with the item to adjust as she develops, as a great aid to counting and learning about big and small. The wood has a very natural look and feel to it, while still being bright and appealing to young children. In fact at the moment this is most definitely one of H’s 1st choice toys when she goes to the toy chest.

This product is made by Plan Toys and this is what they say about themselves:

‘We create toys that inspire children’s imagination as well as promote their physical and intellectual development. We’re also proving that it is possible to maintain superior quality standards while steadfastly following a path of environmental and social responsibility.’

Retailing at just £11.99 through this is most definitely a highly recommended toy from me. It’s simple and straight to the point but keeps little minds and fingers active for hours! Why not go and take a look, they also have a vast range of other toys and all look just as great!


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Very Lazy Garlic Review

I recently received a free sample of Very Lazy Garlic to try and then review on here. Now I will be honest, I don’t cook with garlic normally although I love the taste, but as a single mum I tend to have worked out a “quick” version of my meals and I never find peeling and chopping garlic quick. I have tried the crushing with the side of the knife then chopping, I have tried just chopping, I have a garlic crusher and most of the clove ends up still in the crusher when I am done. So that’s why I don’t use garlic. And that is also why I thought this sounded like the sort of thing that would be handy to have in my fridge. I also thought that as I am probably in one of the categories this product is aimed at then I could write a valuable review.

I have tried substitutes for “real” garlic in the past, to be honest I have always opted for nothing rather than settling for alternatives. Garlic paste to me never adds the right taste and has a grainy texture. I had given up hope of finding a substitute and only included garlic when cooking for guests or on special occasions. I had seen Very Lazy Garlic but never really looked closely enough to see what it really was.

That HP Chap @ My sample arrived, well packaged and I opened to find the jar and was greeted by the wonderful smell of fresh garlic. My initial thoughts were that the jar had broken in transit so I checked it over and no, all was well and in tact. I was optimistic already! My 1st experiment was roasted carrots. Now I hate carrots, unless in a casserole or grated into a sauce, but on this particular day the only vegetables I had were carrots. So I decided to do roasted carrots and use the Very Lazy Garlic to add a bit of a twist. The garlic is finely chopped and in the jar along with white wine vinegar, which evaporates off with cooking. The jar states that 1 teaspoon is the equivalent of a clove of garlic so that is what I have worked to. The carrots were lovely. I would never have bothered had I needed to peel and chop an actual clove of garlic. The fact it is in the vinegar also makes it easier to distribute that the sticky feel of fresh garlic. It was a twist that I only thought of because this product was there.

The next day I made bolognaise, and where I would usually omit the garlic, I added the Very Lazy Garlic and  was very surprised. It tasted as if I had used fresh garlic. I could tell no difference at all. It was better that real garlic though, my fingers didn’t have that lingering garlic smell, the garlic crusher wasn’t a nightmare to get all the bits out of. It was so easy!

After using this twice, I am converted. I know I will always have a jar of this in my fridge now. It may be lazy but lives are so busy, with this in my fridge I no longer have to compromise on taste. In fact I am going to look out for the other Very Lazy products out there and will be giving them a try too! Have you tried it and what did you think?

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