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New Moon Baby!!!

I can’t quite believe it has taken me 4 days to get to writing this but better late than never! Monday saw the release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon on DVD and BluRay. Now any Twihards reading this already know that this hit the cinemas back in November, and many like me will have been to see the film on the big screen for a few showings! I only managed 2 but some fans went 5 or 6 times! I have decided however to do this review for those of you who may not be hooked on the Saga, who haven’t read the books and want to know what the film is like as a film rather than, dare I say it, a cult!

The film picks up from the first film Twilight, where in effect the scene is set and the main characters introduced. Set in Forks, WA, we meet Bella who is new to town after moving in with her Dad, Charlie. She falls in love with the gorgeous Edward Cullen and the first film is predominantly about her finding out Edward and his family are vegetarian Vampires.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2 Disc Special Edition) [DVD] [2009]

New Moon opens with a dream scene, where Bella believes she is introducing her Grandma (who has passed), to her Vampire boyfriend Edward. This then transpires to be Bella looking in a mirror and, having reached old age, is clearly upset by the fact her Edward is still youthful and the same as when they first met. This leads in to the key theme that Bella wants to become a Vampire to enable her to no longer age and to spend eternity with her love. In fact, within 24 hours of this dream her world is turned upside down when Edward leaves and Bella has no contact with him and his family. Without giving too much away for those who don’t know the story, she turns to her childhood friend, Jacob Black. Their friendship builds over the course of the film and Bella is in turmoil trying to work out if she should wait for her Vampire true love to return, or give in to the reliable and seemingly “normal” Jacob.

The story this time round is not about finding love, but about heartbreak and the difficulties that brings. It deals with friendship dynamics changing and having to face the future which had been clear-cut, yet now full of uncertainty. For anyone who is sceptical about the Vampires who can go out in the sunshine and just sparkle, I say look beyond that because underneath is a fantastic story about relationships in all shapes and sizes.

The film itself is full of fantastic special effects. We are introduced to the wolf pack in this film and I have to say, the transitions from man to wolf were convincing and the eyes of the wolves held true emotion. The fight scene with the Vampires is well choreographed and fast paced. For the die hard fans, this is what Twilight should have been like, but for anyone after a great film to watch, this fits the bill too. It’s 2 hours long but it gets going early on and your not sat wondering when the action will start. Another plus is the script has stayed true to the book. I’m not going to pick apart anything that was missed out, or done wrong, because I am reviewing the film here – but with Twilight I found it made more sense having read the book. Not this time. My 7 year old daughter understood this film much better with no questions as to what was going on. I do think that was an important mistake from first time round that the new director has addressed well.

For anyone who watched the first film and were not convinced, I say give Twilight another shot because New Moon is action packed whilst still putting across the original message of the book.

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Avatar 3D

Any one who knows me, knows I don’t do films. There are classics that I haven’t seen to the shock of others, so the mere fact that I have seen Avatar in 3D at the cinema is in itself amazing!

The phenomenal James Cameron film (Titanic & Terminator) was released in the UK on December 18th 2009. The sheer fact the film is still showing in cinemas after almost 2 months gives the “wow” factor, but last night I went to the 8pm screening of Avatar 3D and the queue to get in was as big as that of New Moon on opening night.

Within seconds of putting on those sexy 3D specs I knew I was in for a treat. I even had to remind myself at first to pay attention to the story and not just the things popping out of the screen. For anyone who hasn’t seen the film, I’ll give a quick synopsis – set in the future, the human race has travelled to Pandora and our hero Jake Sully takes on the role of Avatar pilot, his mission to be one of the Na’vi in the aim of getting them to move from Home Tree so the humans can knock it down and get to the valuable rock buried underneath. As a paraplegic ex marine, he not only has to get used to a new, blue body, but also having the use of his legs again. It’s a story of war, fantasy lands, magic, love, trust and morality and it’s safe to say there is something in there for everyone. To view the trailer and find out more about the story visit

Now we come to the big WOW factor for me. Like I said, the vast amount of people eager to see the film told me I must be in for a treat but nothing could prepare me for what was to come. When I was a kid, thoughts of movies that came out of the screen were that of the distant future. I’ve done the whole red and green glasses for comic relief and various other kids DVD’s, only to get annoyed that it didn’t even look 3D! I’ll be honest, I was expecting to be disappointed. I really was getting annoyed with a fly that kept buzzing right in front of my face (nope, it was 20 meters away on the screen!), I really was flinching when leaves were being kicked up into my face. Having only seen this film in 3D I just know watching it when it comes out on DVD will be such a disappointment! But I have to say the proof of what a breath taking film this is, is the fact no one was giggling about jumping when it looked like you were getting an arrow in the head, because the story and the effects took you to Pandora, for two and a half hours I was there!

If I haven’t convinced you, well go see for yourself! Even my Mum and Dad are planning to go and I last remember my mum going to the cinema about 10 years ago! This is the future of cinema, it’s an amazing piece of history, but more than that it is a phenomenal film. More 3D projects are coming this year, all the trailers at last nights showing were for future 3D releases. This is the new normality, our kids and our grandkids will think it strange when we are sat in our 70’s saying “back in my day films were flat!”

I would love to hear what you thought if you’ve been, or if reading this has encouraged you to go?

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