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Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

Yesterday B came home from school stating that “Jesus wasn’t seen by anyone when he wasn’t in the cave he was buried in, although people think he came back to life, no-one saw him.”

Now let me get one thing straight, we don’t go to church every Sunday but I see myself as a Christian, attended church every Sunday until B was 14 months and we moved, I went back to work and life (or the devil depending on your beliefs) got in the way. I have been to church in the last 5 and half years, mainly for christenings I know, but I still have my faith. I don’tmike52ad @ force God and Jesus and religion on my girls but B has always expressed an interest in Jesus and classes herself as a Christian and at this stage in her life that’s what she chooses to believe.

The thing that really annoys me is that we live in a Christian country yet my daughter comes home with the statement above. It clearly states in all 4 gospels that Jesus was seen by his disciples before he ascends to heaven. I am not saying that is what everyone should believe, and yes, if we want our kids to hear the word of God then we can take them to church. But when teaching the Christian meaning of Easter, a big part of the story is that Jesus rose again. For a Christian, The Bible is the proof. No, we don’t have “proof” any of it is true. But why teach a half story? Teach what Christian’s believe, what their Faith is founded on. Easter is a more important story for Christian’s than Christmas. The school wouldn’t “edit” a Muslim belief for it to be more PC.

Now I know I am only going on what B has come home and said, but it really hit a nerve with me – just as things do at Christmas. We are a welcoming nation. There is free speech and we welcome any race and religion onto our land. We let our citizens build Mosques, wear their clothes as dictated by their beliefs, and we accept those who have no religious commitments. Everyone is equal. That’s a brilliant mark as to why so many people want to come to us for a better life. But does that really mean our children can’t be taught about Christianity correctly in school. Does this really mean that Christian workers should have to work Christmas day and yet those of other faiths expect time of for their religious festivals. Ok I admit to generalising here, and I am sure this isn’t the case every where in the country – but it does upset me at times that our Queen is the head of the Church of England, yet we can’t openly celebrate the teachings of that church, should we wish to, without upsetting people.

I apologise to anyone who thinks I am out of line here, I am no way trying to say we shouldn’t embrace other faiths and cultures, merely in doing so we shouldn’t forget our own. Or is it just that we have become a nation of none believers? I’d love to hear other opinions on this.

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I Need Chocolate!!!!

As some of you may or may not know, I have given up chocolate for lent. I did this once before, before kids, and the sense of achievement after was amazing. I also appreciated  all my Easter Eggs so much more! Since having kids I havn’t given up anything for Lent, but this year I decided I would kick start my diet with Lent. Now as for the religous side, yes I am a Christian and I do understand the giving up something as a sign of appreciation for what Jesus went through for us. However, I am not practising, the last time I went to church was almost exactly a year ago when I had H christened. The reason I decided to do it this year was to kick start my healthy eating, now I am not convinced that will happen as I am already planning to binge eat chocolate for a whole weekend!

Moonstruck chocolates by eszter.Picture Credit: eszter

Today I have discovered that Sunday’s are not part of Lent!! Now I have never heard this before and neither has my mum. According to Google there are 2 trains of thought depending on what Christian culture is being looked at. So the 1st is how I understood things; Lent lasts 40 days and 40 nights from Ash Wednesday, which means that Palm Sunday marks the end of Lent, a week before Easter. The week directly before Easter being known as “Holy Week” is not part of Lent although is another period of fasting in the Christian calender. This is what I have always believed from being a child and this was never in doubt even while I was a regular church goer. However, the other day B came home from school and told me that I was allowed to eat chocolate on Sunday’s as they are not part of Lent. I disagreed with her and told her the above and thought maybe she had just misunderstood things. But, I have just been told the same thing by a friend on Facebook. It seems that Western Christians practice this as they believe Sunday’s are Holy Days and as such cannot be included in fasting periods. Then of course there is the Catholic approach, which states that Maundy Thursday, the Thursday before Easter Sunday, marks the end of Lent, followed by Good Friday and Easter Saturday which are also periods of fasting. It seems even Google cannot provide a solid answer as to when Lent ends. It’s one of those things that there should be an answer to, but ultimatly it’s down to what we believe, so therefore I am sticking to what I have believed all my knowledgable life and still not having chocolate on Sundays!

See but now I worry that apparently I shouldn’t be abstaining from things on a Sunday as I should be celebrating the day of Our Lord. It makes me understand why religon is one of those things that causes heated debate, just like politics. And then throw in other religons too, wow, now there’s a bottle about to errupt. My personal belief is that Jesus didn’t get to come back from the desert every Sunday for his roast dinner, therefore I’m sticking to my 40 days being a straight run through! I’ve normally done all the way through to Easter Sunday too, just not realising it takes me over 40 days, or that “Holy Week” is a seperate period of fasting. It’s all so bloomin’ confusing, all for giving up a bit of chocolate to try and loose a few lbs. Trouble is after all this I need chocolate even more, I can feel my hair going greyer as a type!!!!!

Roll on the end of Lent………………………whenever that may be!!!!

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