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Gadgets I can’t Live Without

I was recently tagged in a Meme about websites I can’t live without, and while writing that post it got me thinking that there are certain gadgets I can’t live without……….so I decided that as I am suffering a bit of Writers Block at the moment, I would write a post about the gadgets in my life!


1. My absolute favourite gadget is my iPhone. I remember when I worked for Carphone Warehouse and this was released, I couldn’t justify the cost then. I didn’t see the appeal. Don’t get me wrong, I sold it on it’s merits but I didn’t believe it would be the phone for me. Time went on and years down the line a friend of mine showed me hers. She didn’t show me from a sales point of view, she showed me the practicalities, the things she loved about it and why she will never have a different phone. I’ve now had my iPhone for 16 months and I can honestly say I will never have a different phone. I am in no rush to upgrade although the new iPhone 4S looks pretty good. So, you want to know why I love it so much? Firstly, it’s a phone! No, really, I mean it makes calls and receives them! As a mobile phone I have to say it is the easiest I have ever used. It is just so logical. Text messages, like many smart phones now, show as a conversation stream, meaning you can see what has been said in previous texts, particularly handy when someone replies hours later with just “yes” and you can’t remember what you asked them! I also love that no matter where I am I can access the web to find answers to questions, look up where the nearest restaurant is, find cinema times. Apps available are endless, there’s the usual eBay, Amazon and other high street stores. I’ve even got an App to sent my gas and electric meter readings to my provider. Oh, and I get my emails straight to my phone so I can deal with them wherever I am. I could go on, but I think you get my point!

slow cooker

2. Regular readers will know I blogged about my slow cooker a few weeks ago, because I love it so much I gave it it’s own post which you can read here. i just love how this device makes healthy food easy and little effort, perfect for busy family life.






3. I never thought I would say it, but after a couple of months of Sky+ HD I can safely say I am so glad I got it. We don’t watch masses of TV in our house, tends to be from about 6pm after tea and then it’s on until I go to bed, but that said, the girls and I all watch while doing other things and rarely sit zombiefied in front of the box. The thing I love though is that coming from Freeview+ I already had the ability to pause, record and rewind. Sky+ HD is so much better though. Firstly, yes you can tell a difference with HD and I am pleased I paid for the package because most of the stuff I watch is on HD. I watch new programmes now, I’ve got pretty hooked on “The Secret Circle”, “Ringer” and “Blue Bloods” to name just a few. The girls also have more options available to them. I have to admit to getting very bored with CBeebies and CBBC! I know it costs me money, but I can honestly say it is money well spent.


4. Where would we be without hair straighteners? I look back on pictures of me as a teenagers and can’t actually believe how big my hair is! In recent years I have learnt how to tame my curls so I don’t use my straighteners as often these days, but when I am going for a night out or special event, I would not be without them! 80’s hair has not made a come back and until it does I have my GHD’s!





So it’s over to you, pick this up if you fancy but I’m tagging some fellow bloggers below as I would love to hear what gadgets you can’t live without!


Dance Without Sleeping

And then all I thought about was you

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The web sites I can’t live without

So I took on the NaBloPoNo challenge this month and have to hold up my hands and say I failed.

The challenge was to publish a blog post every day in the month of November, and considering my blog has been ignored for a few months I think I did really well to publish for the first 13 days. So I have decided that rather than give up, I’m going to carry on as much as I can and hopefully my readers will forget about me missing a few days!

It’s been a while since I have done a Meme, but I have been tagged by Emma over at MummyMusings to talk about the websites I can’t live without. Now this fits quite well with how I have been feeling recently which I blogged about here. At the moment I am living without most web sites, I just don’t have the enthusiasm to log on, switch the laptop on and to be honest that’s why I have missed a few days posts. That said though, I have still been using my iPhone to look at web sites and so for the purpose of this post, I am going to tell you the sites I look at even when I’m feeling low, and therefore I believe, I can’t live without!


1. Facebook. Love it or hate it, social networking is a big part of how we communicate in todays busy world. I check Facebook regularly on my phone and when the laptop is on then it’s set as my home page. My Facebook use varies, sometimes it is just to chat to people, other times I get hooked on one of the many games. At the moment it is just to keep in touch with people. I joined Facebook back in 2007 and it wasn’t so big then, I had only a few friends and thought it was a bit weird! Then I started to find old school friends, colleagues and people I hadn’t seen or spoken to for years. To be honest I am pretty sure Facebook will now be a part of my life for the rest of my life – at the same time I do sometimes think it takes away some of the closeness of real relationships with people, finding out news of pregnancy, illness, death, births, promotions etc. through people’s status’ does sometimes make me wonder what we are coming to as a society!


2. Google. This one I really can’t live without. I have found the answer to every question I’ve had, you know when you are sat having a discussion with someone and neither of you can work out the answer. For example, recently I went out for a meal with Mr D, and he was telling me about a film he had watched to which I said it sounded like another film we had seen together. I said “you know the one where there’s some kids in a coffee shop filming porn.” We were both wracking our brains so I googled “coffee shop porn film comedy”, I was a bit worried what would come up, but top of the results list was “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” – yep the very film! If you haven’t seen it it really is quite funny! But back to my point, without Google I really would feel lost, I know whatever I need to find out I can get it through Google.


3. Wikipedia. Again this goes hand in hand with Google. Generally when I Google something the results give me the quick answer, but then it tends to be Wikipedia that I go to to find out the details. I know that some things on there are sometimes not as accurate as they could be, but in general what I have found on there has been accurate enough for my needs.





4. Amazon. I love Amazon. I tend to get most of my books through Amazon and I was surprised to realise how few people know that you can get just about anything from Amazon. I have done most of my Christmas shopping this year through Amazon because it is convenient and also because it tends to be the cheapest way to buy. Not only do the prices beat high street stores but also the postage is generally free or very reasonable if not.



I think the one thing this Meme shows us, is that although we may not always realise it, the net is a massive part of life today. I can’t remember the last time I went to the library to help B with her homework, or to get a book to help with my studies, because knowledge is at our fingertips.

So now I want to know what your “Can’t live without” websites are. If you’re not tagged feel free to pick up this Meme if you want to give it a go!


Louise Barrett

Ella at Purple Mum

Sarah at People Don’t Eat Enough Fudge

Gemma at Hello it’s Gemma

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Things That Annoy Me: MEME

I have been tagged by MummyMatters in this one, and the aim of the game is simple; to tell all about what annoys me, so here goes……

1. The way people talk to their kids. I mean seriously, swearing at a 2year old is not going to do anything but teach them those sort of words are ok. And belittleing kids in public is no form of discipline. I’ve seen kids dragged around town by parents, screaming their heads of yet getting told off because they have no right to be bored! It makes me wonder if people treat their kids like that in public, how do they treat them at home? I mean, don’t get me wrong, my 2 are no angels and they play me up in public, but I would never shout and swear and drag a child about! Argh!!!!

Ok now I’m getting annoyed just thinking about what annoys me so this could be a long one!!!

2. People who don’t drive properly. Ok, I was going to agree with MummyMatters and just say people who don’t indicate, but on second thoughts it’s not just that. People who stay in the middle lane on motorways, they don’t move to let you past and they won’t move out into the third lane to let you pull out, they just sit in the middle! Then there are the people who cut you up, on roundabouts generally, and look at you as if you were the one in the wrong. And the other thing is when people refuse to filter. Come on people if you’re stuck in traffic and there is a cue of traffic trying to merge what real delay will it cause you to let 1 car in, I mean if everyone let 1 car in, everyone would face the same delay. I could go on about driving but I don’t want to bore you! I guess with the driving I do, I notice something every day so it feels worse than it probably is.

3. People who say “basically” all the time. I’m not thick and I’m sure if I can’t handle the details I’ll ask questions! Oh and “obviously”, if it was obvious you wouldn’t need to tell me!!! I find these words most annoying when used by sales people and if they annoy me with these words, no matter how much I want the product, I will buy it else where!

4. So, thinking of sales people has made me think also of customer service. Ok lets not beat around the bush here. These days it’s crap! Not just in shops, but everywhere. Just one example, I took the girls to the zoo today and while there we stopped for lunch in the cafe. When I went in one of the staff members were filling the chocolate on the counter. So I waited patiently then me and B went to choose what we wanted. Whilst deciding, I heard “excuse me” from behind and it was the same woman with more chocolate to fill up. She then pushed past to fill up said chocolate even though I didn’t move. How rude, she is paid to do the job and that includes customer service. You don’t move a customer out the way to fill up some chocolate, you wait! I think I will follow MummyMatters lead here and start writing letters when I am not happy!

Right, I could go on and bore you more but to be honest, the other stuff is not as annoying!!! I’ll save it for the next time I’m tagged! So over to you. I’m passing this one on to:




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MEME: What job can you imagine your baby doing?

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Mummy Matters in this new MEME so here goes!

The aim of this one is to predict what you think your kids will grow up to be, and I was tagged a few days ago and have been thinking about it ever since. I can’t really decide on what I want to say for either of them so here goes with my pondering!!!

First B, well she loves dancing around and singing and keeps telling me she is going to go on X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent when she is old enough. She likes to act out and loves to be the centre of attention. She’s also quite shy at times though! She loves doing arty things and making things and doesn’t like to sit still so what do I think? I think she is most probably going to be a mum first and a career girl second. She is always talking about when she has kids and she has a really caring nature about her. However, if that doesn’t happen before the career then there are a few things I think she may do. First is a hairdresser because that’s what she says she wants to be. She loves things surrounding hair and fashion, so maybe even a beautician.

I can also see her as a teacher because again it’s something she has spoken about wanting to do, yet I really can see it in her because of her caring nature and he want to teach others. She is always coming home and telling me new things that she has learnt and she has a great enthusiasm. She’s also very creative so when I say a teacher, I think in primary school when they still get to do fun stuff!

Thing is though, I know that she would love to have a career in performing because she is always willing to dance, sing and just generally try and entertain. After out holiday in Butlins, she said she wants to be a Red Coat, and so you know what, I think if that’s what she wants and she actually puts her heart into it she could well succeed because she definitely has the personality and the drive for it.

As for H, well being only 2 years old at the moment this one is a bit harder. She is very much into role play at the moment and her favourite toy is her kitchen.She will play for hours bringing me cups of tea and plates of food. She will also have a full on tantrum if I am cooking and she can’t watch. So maybe she is going to be a chef. She stands with her pans making her Bolognaise and acts out adding a bit of this and a bit of that, stirring and dishing up. She puts more into it than I have seen a 2 year old do before.

The main thing with H at the moment that is coming through is her temper though, she gets so frustrated when she can’t do something and will keep trying until she masters things. She is also very intelligent for her age. Oh and if she doesn’t get her own way she’s very persistent in trying every way she can to get her way in the end. Maybe this is the kind of personality she needs to be a top business woman, doing what I don’t know but I’m thinking down the lines ofher running her own big company. But then back to reality, she is 2 and as such anything could happen! The thing with H is she has a string personality and a lot of intelligence, which means she could do anything she wants to if she puts her mind to it. That’s the key though, will she want to do the things she has the skills for?

One thing is for sure, whatever my girls want to do I will support them 100% of the way. I can’t promise I won’t push them to try harder but ultimately as long as they chose a path they are happy with then I will be so proud of them, as I am now!

So what do you think? What do you see your kids doing as adults?

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What I am afraid of………



Thanks to Magic Mummy I have been tagged in this Meme and I’ve not come across this one before so here goes…….

As I am sure you can guess, it’s basically to open up about what we are afraid of and I have to admit it’s not as easy as it looks. I mean, yeah I don’t like spiders and I am definitely afraid of big ones. Then there is heights, I once got stuck in our local soft play centre because I was determined to get to the top, but climbing up the mesh turret I made the fatal mistake of looking down and froze. I couldn’t move even though small children were climbing over me to get past!

I’m also not keen on flying. I have to be perfectly honest and say it’s because I don’t understand it. I do, I have been taught how lift works and how aeroplanes fly, but it seems weird to me that something so big can fly and it scares the heebie jeebies out of me. But then looking at this one closer I also don’t particularly like travelling by train, or in a car that someone else is driving. So I think to be honest one of my biggest fears is the fear of not being in control. Even in every day life, I like to be in control of my life and my decisions. I feel safe if I am in control.

Oh and my other main fear is the fear of growing old alone. I am a happy single mum right now. I love my life and I love my girls but one day they will grow up and leave home, maybe get married, live with someone, what ever they decide. It does worry me that I will then be completely on my own. And by that age will I have it in me to go out and find someone. I don’t see myself as being single forever, but then I didn’t see myself as being divorced. It links back to my other fear though, I hope that if I am still single by then, it is through choice because then I am in control of it!!!

So there we have it, no weird phobias of fears for me. My parents say I am scared of sock puppets, I’m not scared of them I just don’t “get” them!! But no, buttons, Velcro and bananas don’t worry me!!!

So it’s over to you, I know I am meant to tag people to do this, but I’m going to open up the floor……..if you want to open up about your fears, grab the award and write your post. Add your link to the comments so I can come and take a peek!!!

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Kreativ blogger award – seven things you didn’t know about me


Ok so I have been tagged to talk about things you don’t know about me yet!!! Thanks to Slummy Single Mummy for including me in this meme. I actually don’t have a clue what I am going to tell you but I’ll give it a go! I have only been blogging for a relatively short time, so in theory I should have loads I haven’t spilt the beans about yet – but then I got to thinking, some things are unsaid because to be honest I don’t want to shout about it!!! Most of my unsaid facts actually revolve around the fact that I haven’t done something rather than things I have done! So without further ado, here are 7 things you probably didn’t already know about me:

1. I have never been in trouble with the law, including for any traffic offences. (See I told you this is going to be boring lol!)

2. I have been suffering severe writers block lately, if you hadn’t noticed there has been a distinct lack of posts from me lately and I can’t put my finger on why!

3. I’ve not been asked out on a date, ever! My ex husband didn’t do the whole dating thing as we were mates first, we were married by the time we started going out properly! Since separating 2 years ago, I haven’t been asked out either and it’s getting beyond embarrassing now!

4. I am in denial about my weight and the amount I eat. I eat when no one knows I am eating and as such lie to myself and others about what goes in my mouth! I can be disciplined as I lost 2 1/2 stone on weight watchers when B was a year old and I gave up chocolate for lent – but at the moment I seem scared to try – food is definitely my comfort!

5. I am really unorganised at home, with paperwork all over the place, but at work I am the most organised ever! I wish I could be like that at home!

6. I bumped into the actress who plays Connie Beecham in Holby City a few weeks ago in my local Tesco, she lives 10 minutes down the road but it was still quite a shock and I was majorly star struck – she probably thought I was a bit weird!

7. I am scared of pretty much everything, although try not to show it, here are just a few things: heights, small spaces, rooms full of people, not knowing anyone, not knowing where I am going, heights, flying, dying, other people’s driving (whether I have been in the car with them before or not), strong wind, mice, rats, spiders, noises when I am in bed, being alone………it’s not just that I don’t like these things, I have a fear of them. The height thing I would say is a phobia, but the others aren’t as bad as that, but worse than nerves. I get sweaty palms, the shakes, my voice wobbles, I feel queasy etc. I’m just a wimp at heart!!!!

So that’s my 7! I actually found that really hard because my posts are full of stuff about me and I tend not to hold back! To me these 7 things are pretty boring, but hopefully it’s given you all a bit more of an insight as to who I am!

So now it is up to me to pass this on to seven of my mummy blogging chums. Ladies if you accept the challenge, you should:

  • Copy the award to your blog
  • Insert a link to the person who nominated you (i.e. me!) 
  • Tell us seven things about yourself that you haven’t told us before
  • Nominate seven other bloggers for the award
  • Link to their blogs
  • Tell the nominees about their award

    So my 7 tags are:


    Mummy Matters






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    Who would you pick?

    Over at A Mother’s Ramblings I have been tagged in this Meme and I love it!


    So what’s this all about? Well, in a nut shell it’s a bit like the list people have of the top 10 celebs they would have a little fun with given the chance. Only this time round it’s the top 5 fictional characters that you would happily bed should they actually turn out to be real!!! Or, lets face it, the top 5 fictional characters you find yourself having the best dreams about!!! I was tagged 5 minutes ago and here I am with my list because this one isn’t all that hard! So without further ado, in reverse order I give you my 5:

    5. Dr Who!

    Ok, yes I love David Tennant but I have to say for the purpose of this meme only the picture refers to David, I actually think Dr Who is ace – who wouldn’t want to be with the man who can defeat anything that’s thrown at him – and if you get bored of him don’t worry eventually he will regenerate and change his look!


    4. Peter Petrelli (Heroes)

    I know this guy is not whiter than white, but his heart is in the right place and if his passion for his beliefs are anything to go by I bet he’s pretty good at other passions too!!

    3. Jasper Hale (Cullen) – Twilight

    This cheeky chappy has the look, can control feelings (so your guaranteed to have fun) and he needs a bit of practice controlling his thirst. There wouldn’t be a dull moment with this one!!

    2. Eric Northman – True Blood

    Now this one is based on the TV program and the books, this is a Vamp that’s good to have on your side, is hot, and actually deep down knows how to treat a woman well! (In all ways, trust me, from the books I know there is a lot to come for this one!)

    And now for my number 1, all time, Fictional character I’d like to……………. has to go to the one and only


    See full size image

    Now this is 100% the character, I was in love with Edward from the books, before I even saw the films he was my ideal man. He’s not perfect, for a start he’s a vampire, oh and incidentally he only loves Bella because he’s never met me! And I also love his Shiny Volvo so there is scope for lots of fun there!

    So now it’s over to you…….. My 5 tags for this one are:

    Single Mummy




    Crystal Jigsaw

    Oh, and if I haven’t tagged you and you fancy having a go then am tagging you too!!!

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    10 Free Things I Like

    Today I came home from work and was greeted with Mumtoj’s latest Blog post about her 10 free things she likes and it got me thinking of so many things I take for granted because they are things I don’t have to pay for. I’ve actually had to take things out to only have 10 here, and this is what I came up with:

    1. Picking H up from nursery and hearing “Mummy!”, with a huge smile on her face and running to me for cuddles. Although it does make me feel a little guilty for leaving her, I know right now it’s all new for her and it won’t take her long to adjust. But it makes me realise I am as special to her as she is to me and that makes it all worth while.
    2. Hearing B when she tells me she loves me, or that I am the best Mum in the world. I know I am not perfect, what parent is, but that she is able to feel love for me and appreciate me as a parent means so much – I know I’m on the right track even though she has been through so much especially in the last 2 years.
    3. Reading a book to relax – now officially this does cost me as I buy my books, but I also use the library and borrow books from friends and family so I have decided to include it. I spent so many years being a non reader, not understanding how such a thing could be relaxing, but I have to say I am a readaholic and am never without a book on the go!
    4. Spending time with family and friends. Knowing that time with those who mean the most to me doesn’t have to involve days out, it can simply be visiting each other or going for a walk, because it’s the company that’s enjoyable.
    5. Activities provided by the Children’s Centre – although my involvement in these will be limited now I am back to work, I have to include it because it still is at this point in time a big part of my life.
    6. Fresh air! May seem a little strange but when was the last time you breathed in proper fresh air? The air quality where I live is much better than inner city air, but having lived so long up in the North of Scotland, even now after 2 years the air down here is not the same so I really love it when I go to the coast, or visit friends up North and get some real fresh air!
    7. Having a shower – ok again technically not free because I have to pay for water and electricity, but even if I didn’t shower I would have to pay for those so I am kind of cheating a bit!!! But I hate baths, I don’t feel clean after sitting in water containing my dissolved dirt from my skin. A shower really does wash away the day, leaves my skin feeling tingly and refreshed and makes everything better!
    8. Sleep! I love my sleep. No two ways about it, without sleep I am ratty and not a very once person to know! So I am including it because whilst I love the feeling of being asleep, I also love the fact that after a good nights sleep I am a much more balanced and focused person.
    9. The dawn chorus. I know, I love sleep and that includes not having to get up early, but this last week I have loved hearing the dawn chorus, the soundtrack to life. Each little bird adding it’s own unique sound to natures choir. It reminds me that everyone and every other living thing, contributes to the bigger picture in ways that we can’t always understand. We are all important in so many ways and that is something to shout about.
    10. My broadband – yep I get free broadband so it makes it on to the list because as a single parent it’s one of my main ways of contacting and meeting people when the kids are tucked up in bed. It enables me to write this blog, read other blogs, tweet, play games, connect with friends and family and without it my life would be very different. I can discuss things, vent, laugh with others and still feel like a part of something even when sat at home on my own.

    So there we have it – like I say I had to cut some because there are actually lots more. I am also quite shocked at how deep some of my answers are considering the time of night it is! I’d love to hear about your Ten Free Things You Like too, so please comment or blog about this yourself, and if you do let me know so I can come and have a look!

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    The Photo Lottery

    I have been tagged by Natural Mummy in my first ever meme. She said she hoped I didn’t mind… of course not – I’m delighted! Although I actually have no idea what a "meme" is!  Here are the instructions:

    1. Open the first (oldest) photo folder in your computer library
    2. Scroll to the 10th photo
    3. Post the photo and the story behind it
    4. Tag 5 or more people to continue the thread


    So I am proud to introduce B at 2 1/2 years old dressed to impress for Halloween at nursery. If I remember rightly it was the last day of my Aunty and 2 cousins visiting us for the 1st time up in the North of Scotland. They had visited for half term week and while B was going to be at nursery that day I was taking them back to the airport. B has always had a soft spot for my cousin. It’s wierd actually, but it seems to be a bit of a family thing that there are always girls with a roughly 10 year age gap! So just as I had been with my Aunty, B was and still is in awe of my cousin. It was for this reason that B has a face full of make up, I know, it adds to the effect but B actually thought she looked brill! This was proper make up not face paint!! It’s quite scary actually because this was 5 years ago! I look at the picture now and wonder when the hell she grew up! In fact what scares me more is that H is not far off this age!!

    So now for my 5 tags, being pretty new to this I am tagging some Mummy’s who have been blogging for varying lengths of time but have made me feel very welcome in the Mummy Blogging world…….

    1. The lovely mediocremum

    2. The lady with the pooing reindeer, Heather at Notes From Lapland

    3. My Guest Blogger Kerry at And Then All I Thought About Was You

    4. The brill Kathryn at Crystal Jigsaw

    5. The Princess Dancer Pippa at A Mother’s Ramblings

    Hopefully none of them will mind the tag and will enjoy taking part in this, I did and hope you enjoyed sharing it with me!

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