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My favourite thing today. 20/365

Each night when I put H to bed I ask her about her favourite thing of the day, today she said her favourite thing was playing sylvanian families with Mr K!


I love her face, so proud she ius in charge of the play!


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Comfy new bed 19/365

Its OK posting a picture of my bed in boxes but here it is all built and very comfy!


Thanks to Mr k for building it without getting too wound up!

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New Bed 18/365

My new bed has arrived!! Just need the snow to stay away until Mr k gets here to build it!


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Snow 14/365

Well we didn’t get what we were warned about, what about you?


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Bed less 13/365

I’m getting a new bed at the end of the week and so that means the old one had to go, so I am now faced with a week on the mattress on the floor!


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Memories. 12/365

OK this may be a strange picture to post but it holds a lot of memories.


Today I bought a jigsaw and went round to my parents to borrow their jigsaw board. Its no ordinary jigsaw board, it was a child gate at my grandparents house and is older than me. I remember it being used across the bedroom door when I stayed there as a child. Its also covered in graffiti by my mum, aunty and uncle! It really does remind me of childhood days and family!! Amazing how such a plain object means so much more!

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Something missing 11/365

Its Friday afternoon and the kids have gone to their dads for the weekend………


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Reading 10/365

When H started school in September I was as little shocked to be told she wouldn’t be bringing home any books for a while. At a meeting parents were told all about Read Write Inc, the scheme they use to tech kids phonics, reading and writing. Unlike other schemes, the school championed the system as it teaches kids all three skills at the same time. I will admit I was dubious but H has loved the way of learning and today brought home her first reading book which she read with no problem. I remember with B the whole learning to read thing was a hard slog for me as well as her and so far we’re have had none of that with H.


This is her eagerly reading me her book for the second time tonight!

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Sylvania Fun 9/365

H got loads of Sylvanian Families for Christmas and I do love watching how she plays with them, her imagination is amazing!!


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Back to work 8/365

Back to work after just over 2 weeks off……………


Enough said!

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