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Groupon Giveaway Winner


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Groupon Giveaway

Groupon and I have teamed up to offer one lucky winner a £20 voucher, and with deals ranging from restaurant vouchers to last minute travel deals you will have plenty to choose from!


Groupon works with local businesses to promote deals and discounts through online vouchers and offers discounts at both a local and national level. With discounts on shopping & beauty, restaurants & travel and with activities that range from a relaxing spa-day to an adrenaline-filled parachute jump, Groupon has a great deal for everyone. Having never used the site myself before, I was lucky enough to be given a voucher to try out the service too. It’s so easy, you purchase a Groupon voucher for the deal you want at the discounted price and then when the offer closes you get an email with your voucher for the product. I will say I have been sceptical in the past about using this kind of site, but from my experience now I would definitely recommend Groupon and I’ll be checking out their deals every day!!!

So why not experience something new today? To find out which deal would best suit you visit the Groupon Website.
To enter the competition, simply answer the following question:

What would be your ideal Groupon Deal?

Post your answer in the comments below and I will announce the winner next Friday, 23rd November 2012

Terms and Conditions:

· Vouchers are valid for 6 months.

· Competition is only for UK readers.

· Only one voucher can used per deal.

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The Best Fairy Princess Tent……Ever

Those were the words that came out of H’s mouth last week when she came home from the weekend at her dad’s!! She’s been after a play tent for a while and she has spent the last few weeks looking through the Early Learning catalogue saying she wants them all. Well when she came home to this….


………not only was it the best tent in the world, I was the best mum in the world – honest, they were her words!

This tent is fantastic with a wooden frame that screws together making a sturdy play tent for indoors or out. The only thing I would say is build it where you want it unless you have patio doors because it’s wider than a standard door!! I was so excited I didn’t think about that and will have to dismantle it to get it outside, but for the moment it has pride of place in the living room because it’s H’s favourite toy!

Take a look at this and more play tents here, where you will also find some really lovely looking wooden play houses – I daren’t show H the website!!


Disclaimer: I received a Princess Play Tent for the purpose of this review.

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Do you do Valentines?

Valentines Day is just around the corner and it’s one of those days where the price of flowers and meals out go up in price, and we all declare our undying love for each other! I’ll be honest and say I have never actually done Valentines Day. As a teen the most memorable Valentine’s experience was an ex breaking up with me and then I married my Ex at the start of February so we could never afford to do anniversary and Valentines only a week apart. It became just another day and although we bought each other a card that was about it.

Last year was my first Valentines with Mr D, we had a lovely home cooked meal, exchanged pressies and had a nice evening. This year we are going out for a meal to our favourite pub down the road, the meals there are very nice! Thing is though, to me it IS just another day. At the same time I regret not making more of it in the past so last year and this I have put more effort in, made a point of marking the day. Plus Mr D and I don’t have a wedding anniversary and the anniversary of us getting together is my birthday so in a way we don’t have that separate day we celebrate about “us”. So how do you mark the day?

If you are still looking for some gift ideas then check out Clintons because as you can imagine from the high street store, they have it covered. Whether it’s just the perfect card, or a token of your love, novelty items or heartfelt emotion, you’ll find it with them. You can get it all there if you have forgotten or just not had chance to look yet, they have Valentines gift wrap, cuddlies, novelties, sentiment and you can even order flowers through them, so what are you waiting for, make this Valentines one to remember with Clintons!


Disclaimer: I was sent products to sample for this review.

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When to Give Independence a Go!

H is 3 and a half now and I still see her as my baby, probably because there is 5 and half years between her and B, but even with Mr D’s kids round, she is much younger. B has got the freedom to go to her room which was decorated in the summer and she has started going out to play where I can see her. Thing is though, H likes to do what her sister does and as her room was also decorated in the summer I’m constantly being asked “can I play in my bedroom”.

This is all new to me, when B was that age she was the only child in a house bigger than this one and so generally played downstairs where I could see her. She never wanted to play in her room, in fact it’s only really in the last 6 months she has started doing that. So I had a dilemma, let H play in her room or not. If only I had a way of keeping an eye on her without her thinking I am watching her….

Then I got an email from Storage Options about their new range of Products, one of which being the KidCam. At first I was a little sceptical this would be what I was looking for but I was sent it to try out and I cannot sing it’s praises enough. Take a look on the website for the specifications, but here’s my view on the product. The two cameras are small and light weight and come with two different stands, one which uses suction to attach to a window or mirror, and another which can be used as a stand, or attached to the wall with screws (not supplied). Then there is the monitor unit which also has a stand or can be carried around the house as the units are completely wireless. Three chargers are included so all 3 units can be charged at the same time.


I was expecting the pairing process to be a pain. It’s always the case, when you get a new bluetooth headset or want to sort out your wireless network, it is never as easy as the instructions would have you believe. Imagine my shock when I switched on the units and they were already paired. It is all done in the factory so it is literally power on and go. The great thing is that you can have the monitor streaming live video with sound from either camera. You can also have a split screen to see the feeds from both cameras at the same time. The also work in the dark through infra red, and it really is a clear picture day or night.

I have to say the KidCam really has changed the amount of independence I can let H have, and I am sure as she grows the use of the KidCam will adapt, for instance to cover her playing in the garden while I sort the washing. I guess the benefits are endless especially as a single parent, two kids with only one set of eyes can be hard!

Adapters are available for you to use the device in the car, and also available are the BabyCam Car and BabyCam Nursery, so whatever your child monitoring needs they have something for you.

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Last Minute Stocking Fillers

What to buy for those stocking filler for grown ups. You want novelty but you want practical. Well if you’re looking for someone who likes their gadgets then this might be what you’re after.



I was sent this to review and have to say I was sceptical it would work, but I am very impressed. It holds my phone securely and looks great. It would fit in the home or the office and makes a great talking point when people see it for the first time!! Take a look at this and other promotional gifts here. With 4 more sleeps you’ll find some great ideas without the hassle of queuing!!

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A Merry Clintons Christmas

Regular readers may recall I reviewed Clintons back to school range in September, which only feels five minutes ago, where has the time gone?

I was contacted again recently about reviewing their Christmas range and again I wasn’t disappointed. As you would expect from Clintons, I was sent a box of Christmas cards, but also some little gift ideas. The cards were quality you expect from a top card retailer, but I was blown away with the price. There are 15 cards in the box I received, and they sell at £1 a box. If that’s not good enough value, while stocks last they are buy one get one half price!

As you would expect from Clintons, their gifts are also top quality and there is so much choice. It’s always hard to know what to buy for a new born baby at Christmas, so how about the Baby’s First Christmas range. And the soft toys they have are amazing. I was lucky enough to be sent one and H touched it once and fell in love with it! I had hoped for him to sit on my bed but he hasn’t left her bed since she smuggled him to bed the other night!!

I’ve seen a lot of debate recently about how the high street is dying in towns and city’s throughout the country. There’s so much talk of people supporting their high streets. I will hold my hands up and say most of my shopping has been done online this year for a number of reasons, one of which being cost. I think what Clintons have proved to me twice now is that it is not necessarily true that high street is more expensive. So for any last minute stocking fillers, Christmas cards or gifts to be cherrished, why not pop into your local Clintons and grab yourself a good deal!

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Story Time with a Twist

I was recently contacted by Gianimo to have a look at their sticker story range. Now I know what you are thinking “more books with stickers”, nope, these are fantastic quality wall stickers, containing 27 characters, props and backgrounds to create a start point for any child’s imagination.


There are 4 different mini adventures to chose from, so something to appeal to all children. The colours are bright and bold to capture the eye. Each mini adventure also comes with a brief synopsis of each of the characters to spark the imagination, and a sample story idea to start you off. The idea is that whilst it offers great child friendly decoration, you can sit with your child and make up adventures about the characters too. The stickers can be removed and reapplied but obviously if you are doing this you need to make sure that as little dust as possible gets in contact with the backs as they will lose sticky over time.

From seeing some samples of the stickers I have to say they really are bright and eye catching as well as being brilliant quality. Each mini adventure costs £58, which to be honest I initially thought was a lot. However, if you consider that this is for the decoration of your child’s room as well as a fantastic prompt for imaginative activities.

Here’s what Gianimo say about their product:

“At g!animo we believe a child’s bedroom can be more than a sleeping space. In an electronic age, which asks less and less of a child’s imagination, we hope to give children and parents a starting point from which they can spend quality time together making up their own adventures. Childhood development experts agree on the enormous benefits that creative play has on a child’s social, cognitive and communication skills. g!animo’s high quality wall stickers and accessories turn a child’s whole bedroom into an attractive picture-book experience, encouraging a love for stories and reading.”

So if your looking for a way to get you little ones to use their imagination, and looking for a novel way of decorating, then look no further, pop over to Gianimo now, what adventure will you be having tonight?

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Wall Art the Easy Way

I like to live in a nice house. I recently decorated the girls bedrooms and have to say for my first decorating project I did pretty well for a girl! So I decided the next room to do is mine, I think I deserve a nice bedroom too! Trouble is, my room has a drop ceiling, is L shaped and has dark wooden wardrobe doors along one wall. I didn’t want a dark colour as it would feel pretty enclosed and so I was feeling a bit stuck, as I hate plain magnolia walls!

As if reading my mind I was contacted by Binary Box, who have sent me some of their Wall Stickers to review. I have to say that I hadn’t thought of wall art in this way before. When I think of wall stickers I tend to think about Disney Princess and Winnie the Pooh, but actually there are some fab “grown up” wall stickers out there.

Here’s what Binary Box say about their stickers:

“Our wall stickers will instantly transform any room by adding colour and style. Simple to apply in minutes, all of our kits include full instructions and are easily removable. We have wall decals for kids rooms, bathroom, nursery and modern wall graphics for all tastes. All of our wall art can be produced in a variety of colours to suit your decor.”


There really is something for everyone and the vinyl stickers look so good when they are in place! Price wise they are very reasonable, depending on the size you want they fit most budgets. Also, if you fancy something for Christmas go take a look now as they have all sorts on offer even Christmas Tree stickers that save space!! The vinyl stickers are easy to apply and instructions are nice and clear. Instructions to remove are also included and it looks easy done, just using a hair dryer to warm up the vinyl and remove! If you fancy decorating and doing something a bit different then take a look!

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Photobox full of gifts!

Regular readers may remember that last year I was asked to try out Photobox and let you all know what I thought. I was very impressed and have not only continued to use their service but have recommended it to family and friends too. I was contacted by them recently about the chance to review their Photo Calendar and Photo Diary range, so of course I said yes!

Uploading pictures is easy, it can take a bit of time though if you are doing a fair few, so my recommendation would be to set it up uploading while you go and do other jobs, make lunch, play with the kids or catch up on the soaps. I uploaded about 60 photos and it took approximately 40 minutes, but obviously this will all depend on your internet speed as well as the size of the files you are uploading.

The calendar range starts from £8.59 depending on what you’re after. I opted for the desk calendar. This sleek design gives the option of a picture per month on a compact format, ideal if space is limited, for the office or bedroom. This would be an ideal Christmas pressie for dad’s to have at work, or even for those older kids who have gone of to University and need gently reminding of families birthdays, the key here being that you can add Photo Days for only £1.49 per calendar. With Photo Days, you can add a picture and text to as many days of the year as you want to. And you are completely in control of how many days you fill in, with the ability to zoom in and only include parts of the photo in order to get the most out of the space available!  I would say it took me about 20 minutes to add my photos including Photo Days for 10 birthdays.

Not content with just checking out the calendars, I’ve also had a go at the large diary. This was just as simple, in fact what I did here was select the pictures I wanted, put them in order and then let the site auto fill my pictures into the slots. I did have to adjust a few as the large diary caters for a landscape picture per week so the only issue I had was that I’d picked some portrait pictures which didn’t work! All I had to do was move a couple of pictures around though and I was sorted. Diaries start from £11.99 depending on what size you want and you can add leather covers at extra cost. The standard cover is a clear plastic and gives a professional finish. You also get a thin plastic book mark for easy access to the week you are in and an elastic band to make sure the diary stays closed and neat when in the Mary Poppins handbags we have as mothers!

To be honest, whenever I have used Photobox I have been surprised at the ease of use. Like I said, the longest and most boring part is uploading the pictures but once you’ve done that the site makes it easy to be creative. I’ve never been disappointed with the quality of the products and the calendar and diary are no exception. What you get from Photobox is personalised gifts of a very professional quality at reasonable prices. Whilst I’ve sampled the calendars and diaries, there are plenty of other gift ideas on their site to get you ready for Christmas……it’s only 79 sleeps till Christmas!! Delivery costs vary depending on what you are ordering, with the option of standard deliver or guaranteed faster delivery if you need it. I opted for standard delivery and both the calendar and diary have arrived within a week. Go on, take a look – I bet you won’t be disappointed!

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