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Plum Baby Review

The lovely people at Plum Baby recently asked me to review some of their scrummy toddler biscuits and I of course jumped at the chance. I hadn’t tried these with H before and she has recently gone off biscuits so it was interesting to see what she would think.



I received the Milky Moons and the Oat Rounds and was very impressed. These biscuits are shaped for little hands and are great for teething toddlers as they are quite substantial. Unlike “normal” biscuits, they don’t just crumble in a toddlers mouth. H did however find them a little hard and I had to break them up in a dish for her, but once I did that she loved them. And of course knowing they are targeted at her age range, I know her needs are taken into account.


And I also have to admit I really like the oat rounds too, which means we can both eat the same snack, as H, like many toddlers of her age, wants what other people have got!


I also love the fact the Oat Rounds come in handy twin packs which is great for picnics, pack ups, or just to have in your handbag for when your out and about. These biscuits get a thumbs up from me and from H, so go on and give them a go!


The folks over at Plum Baby have given me 15 samples of yummy 4 grain porridge to give away to my lovely readers.

porridgePlum Baby is all about real food for babies and not just baby food and all the products are made with the highest quality organic ingredients. They offer babies a taste of what’s to come and are full of nutrients and nothing artificial.


To enter, simply go to the Plum Baby newsletter  ( and sign up using the code “Super Single Mum” – and the winners will be chosen at random in 7 days time.


Check out and discover more yummy products from the Plum Kitchen.

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Warburtons Have Some New Arrivals!

I was recently contacted about trying out some new products from Warburtons, me being the snack-a-holic I am, jumped at the chance and I wasn’t disappointed.

snack-a-doodleThe first of the two products are called SnackADoodle, a wholegrain based snack. These are low calorie snack, and the best way I can describe them is a cross between rice crackers and crisp bread style products. I have to say I wasn’t blown away but that’s mainly because I’m not a big fan of this type of thing. They are however, satisfying, a bag is just the right size and whilst the cheese flavour ones are very cheesy, the chilli ones are really flavoursome. A great low calorie alternative for party nibbles and go great with dips. I personally wouldn’t buy these but that’s not because there is anything wrong with them, just not my thing!



What does get my thumbs up and I will definitely be buying once released, are the ChippedyDoDaa pita based snacks. Imagine a pita bread, cut into triangles, flavoured and toasted and that’s what these are. Very filling, again the bags are exactly the right size. The sea salt and vinegar flavour are my favourite. Again these are great for a mid morning snack, lunch on the go or for nibbles when entertaining. What amazed me though is the fact that they actually tasted home made. 


So if your after an alternative to crisps, give these a go. They are both going to be available through Londis and Budgens stores and here’s hoping that eventually they will be available else where too!

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