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Photobox full of gifts!

Regular readers may remember that last year I was asked to try out Photobox and let you all know what I thought. I was very impressed and have not only continued to use their service but have recommended it to family and friends too. I was contacted by them recently about the chance to review their Photo Calendar and Photo Diary range, so of course I said yes!

Uploading pictures is easy, it can take a bit of time though if you are doing a fair few, so my recommendation would be to set it up uploading while you go and do other jobs, make lunch, play with the kids or catch up on the soaps. I uploaded about 60 photos and it took approximately 40 minutes, but obviously this will all depend on your internet speed as well as the size of the files you are uploading.

The calendar range starts from £8.59 depending on what you’re after. I opted for the desk calendar. This sleek design gives the option of a picture per month on a compact format, ideal if space is limited, for the office or bedroom. This would be an ideal Christmas pressie for dad’s to have at work, or even for those older kids who have gone of to University and need gently reminding of families birthdays, the key here being that you can add Photo Days for only £1.49 per calendar. With Photo Days, you can add a picture and text to as many days of the year as you want to. And you are completely in control of how many days you fill in, with the ability to zoom in and only include parts of the photo in order to get the most out of the space available!  I would say it took me about 20 minutes to add my photos including Photo Days for 10 birthdays.

Not content with just checking out the calendars, I’ve also had a go at the large diary. This was just as simple, in fact what I did here was select the pictures I wanted, put them in order and then let the site auto fill my pictures into the slots. I did have to adjust a few as the large diary caters for a landscape picture per week so the only issue I had was that I’d picked some portrait pictures which didn’t work! All I had to do was move a couple of pictures around though and I was sorted. Diaries start from £11.99 depending on what size you want and you can add leather covers at extra cost. The standard cover is a clear plastic and gives a professional finish. You also get a thin plastic book mark for easy access to the week you are in and an elastic band to make sure the diary stays closed and neat when in the Mary Poppins handbags we have as mothers!

To be honest, whenever I have used Photobox I have been surprised at the ease of use. Like I said, the longest and most boring part is uploading the pictures but once you’ve done that the site makes it easy to be creative. I’ve never been disappointed with the quality of the products and the calendar and diary are no exception. What you get from Photobox is personalised gifts of a very professional quality at reasonable prices. Whilst I’ve sampled the calendars and diaries, there are plenty of other gift ideas on their site to get you ready for Christmas……it’s only 79 sleeps till Christmas!! Delivery costs vary depending on what you are ordering, with the option of standard deliver or guaranteed faster delivery if you need it. I opted for standard delivery and both the calendar and diary have arrived within a week. Go on, take a look – I bet you won’t be disappointed!

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101 Update!

So if you don’t know what my 101 is all about then check out my 101 Things in 1001 Days page! It is amazing me though, how I have been meaning to do alot of things for a while and just from writing them down and knowing I have a realistic time frame to do them, I seem to be sailing through! So here is an update on the next 5 to cross off the list:

17 – Buy a Car – I picked up my car last Saturday, of course my new job has made the car a necessity rather than a lifestyle choice, but the fact I now have the freedom to get out and about when ever I want is amazing! I actually can’t believe I have done 15 months without a car!! Now to research days out, especially as the weather is picking up!

48 – Convince someone else to take up blogging – If you haven’t already, check out Mum to J’s Blog who I not only convinced to blog but went round to help her set up her account. She’s a mum of a 4 year old boy and is about to emigrate to Australia with her husband and son and has already found a release throughBag Charm blogging, I am sure given time and once the move is out the way then there will be great stuff to come from her!

54 – Take up a new crafting hobby – I have been attending our local craft centre for the last 4 weeks and am now well and truely hooked on jewellery making. So far I have mastered phone charms, 2 styles of necklace, bag charms and earrings and could very easily spend a fortune on kit! I am confident I will blog in more detail about this in the future so watch this space!


85 – Buy a Diary and use it – I had always used my calendar on my phone, but had noticed recently that as this is just a generic calendar it doesn’t tell you when the bank holidays are etc. So I hung off till March and got a diary for 99p and it gets checked and written in daily! I feel so much more organised now!

96 – Completely sort out iTunes – Now this one I am proud of,My iTunes my iTunes was previously full of unknown tracks and unless it was stuff I had downloaded or put on myself (ok was all put on myself but I borrowed some various mp3 discs from a friend a while back), it was a mess! So although it took me a few 2-3 hour stints to do my tracks are all named, and if iTunes couldn’t find the artwork I managed to find pictures from elsewhere on the net and import them – I didn’t even know that was possible! So my iTunes are now ready for when I have the spare pennies to get an iPhone!


So there we go, a few more items crossed off and 3 of them I definitely only got done because I had included them in my 101!! Watch this space for news of more!

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