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Story Time with a Twist

I was recently contacted by Gianimo to have a look at their sticker story range. Now I know what you are thinking “more books with stickers”, nope, these are fantastic quality wall stickers, containing 27 characters, props and backgrounds to create a start point for any child’s imagination.


There are 4 different mini adventures to chose from, so something to appeal to all children. The colours are bright and bold to capture the eye. Each mini adventure also comes with a brief synopsis of each of the characters to spark the imagination, and a sample story idea to start you off. The idea is that whilst it offers great child friendly decoration, you can sit with your child and make up adventures about the characters too. The stickers can be removed and reapplied but obviously if you are doing this you need to make sure that as little dust as possible gets in contact with the backs as they will lose sticky over time.

From seeing some samples of the stickers I have to say they really are bright and eye catching as well as being brilliant quality. Each mini adventure costs £58, which to be honest I initially thought was a lot. However, if you consider that this is for the decoration of your child’s room as well as a fantastic prompt for imaginative activities.

Here’s what Gianimo say about their product:

“At g!animo we believe a child’s bedroom can be more than a sleeping space. In an electronic age, which asks less and less of a child’s imagination, we hope to give children and parents a starting point from which they can spend quality time together making up their own adventures. Childhood development experts agree on the enormous benefits that creative play has on a child’s social, cognitive and communication skills. g!animo’s high quality wall stickers and accessories turn a child’s whole bedroom into an attractive picture-book experience, encouraging a love for stories and reading.”

So if your looking for a way to get you little ones to use their imagination, and looking for a novel way of decorating, then look no further, pop over to Gianimo now, what adventure will you be having tonight?

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