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Not such a great start!


So far my diet has been going well. Last week I went to weigh in to discover that I lost another 2lb, making a total of 7.5lb and earning me my first silver 7! This week hasn’t started too well though….

This weekend I went away to see family and had a great time, but, what with the fish and chips, wine, chocolate and food prepared for me, I wasn’t really able to work out my points properly! One thing I vowed when I started this diet was that I would still allow myself the occasional blow out because life isn’t always just a case of plodding along! Trouble is, I feel like I have let myself down a bit!

Thing is though, I really haven’t been all that bad. Sunday I managed to claw back some of my over spend and on Saturday we went for a decent walk along the seafront. Today I’ve made myself be pretty strict, so on my calculations I only need to claw back about 3 points tomorrow which is do able and then I still have 2 days till weigh in.

I think the reason I’m concerned is that next weekend is my birthday, so I’m out for an Indian on Friday night and having Pizza with a friend and our kids on Saturday night and I’m more concerned that if I find out on Thursday I’ve put weight on this week then I either won’t enjoy next weekend so much, or I will fall completely off the wagon and give up!!

So, help me out here, any one got any tips as to how to deal with losing weight when temptation is climbing in your mouth!!

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