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Car Crashes, Christian Grey and Singledom

I went to get my hair done today and ok no I’m not going to write a post about that, but it just made me realise that quite a bit has happened over the last few months! Like you do in the hairdressers chair, she asks what’s been happening with you and you reply that nothing has happened. I did that today then I realised how wrong I was and as always, we got chatting!

It also made me see that I’ve not posted on here for a while and maybe I should update my readers too!!

So here goes, my top things to talk about in the hairdressers chair today:

Car crashes – in the last 6 weeks I’ve had a bit of dealings with car insurance, firstly my car got written off after a young girl drove into the back of me. She admitted liability and it was nice and straightforward but the labour costs to repair were going to be so high it would cost twice as much as it would to write it off!! As if that’s not enough, the day after I picked up my new car, someone drove into it in a car park! I didn’t see it and no details were left but there was a witness who was willing to give his details and showed me the car that did it. I’ve just had a call today saying the insurance has authorised repairs so he obviously admitted liability, but what a pain in the neck!! Literally! I start physio on Friday for neck, shoulder and arm pains following the first crash!

H going to school – she is sooooooo excited and she is off to school with quite a few friends from nursery. She’s had her first taster session with another this week and one next week. She is still my baby and I won’t lie, a big part of me doesn’t want her to go to school because I know how fast time goes once kids are in school, but she is so ready for it and her excitement fills me with joy!

I’m single again – through my own choice I have finished things with Mr D. About 2 months ago I made a huge decision to put me and my girls first and things with the two of us just didn’t feel right any more. No regrets I enjoyed what we had, but time to move on.

Christian Grey – ok so who hasn’t heard of him? Who hasn’t read the books? Whilst reading the books I have formulated a review in my head so I don’t want to post too much now and ruin that post for the future, but woah!!! He gets everywhere, even the hairdressers!!!

So that’s bringing you up to speed with the wonderful world of me! I have lots of posts in the pipeline and I’m hoping to have some time to actually write them soon so watch this space!!!

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