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Hiding Behind the Laptop!

I was thinking yesterday how it’s really strange how I will blog about anything yet in real life it’s different! I will talk about anything on here, within reason of course! I recently took part in the Meme telling the whole world what I keep in my handbag! Yet yesterday at work when I lost my phone in it, I was really conscious about emptying the contents out on the table in front of my colleagues! In reality though any of them could have had the guided tour on my blog!


It did make me wonder though, do we loose too many inhibitions when we are hiding behind the laptop? I talk openly about my thoughts and feelings on here – mainly because once the kids are in bed I am sat on my own with just my virtual web friends to talk through things that are on my mind! I enjoy letting people into my mind and seeing what goes on in my world but is it always a good thing to be so forthcoming with information in such a public and in some ways uncontrolled way.


Facebook is the same, I’m no where near as bad as I have been, but it has been known for me to post status updates 15 to 20 times a day. In some respects that’s not as bad because it’s only friends who can view it, all 200 hundred odd of them some of which are, again, “virtual” friends! And don’t get me started on Twitter, I’m not on there all the time but everything I post on there (except direct messages) is viewable by anyone in the world. You can even have your tweets show up in Google searches.


It’s how our society is these days. The internet is a fantastic way of sourcing information and keeping in touch, but it’s also a haven for those strange people who like to stalk others or steal identities! When I set up this blog I made a decision not to name my children or myself, not to give away where in the world I am or to post pictures of me and my girls. That didn’t last long. Ok my girls are still nameless, but I have used pictures and joined things like The Secret Post Club, which means people learn more about me.


I guess it’s impossible to be invisible, but what I am trying to say is that sometimes I forget just how public the net can be and wonder if maybe, sometimes, the fact we are sat in our comfortable, safe homes, we forget the net isn’t just what’s on our screen! Do you ever worry you’re saying too much?

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