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My 101 Things

If you have read my blog post you will know what it’s all about, if not take a look and all will become clear! This is my list:

  1. Successfully make pancakes
  2. Loose and keep off at least 2 and a half stone in weight
  3. Go on a foreign holiday with the girls
  4. Take the girls to Scotland for at least a long weekend
  5. Grow tomatoes from seed and use
  6. Grow peppers from seed and use
  7. Buy an oven thermometre and learn to bake a cake
  8. Buy an extendable dining table to have room to cook for others
  9. Once achieved point 8, invite people round for dinner at least every 2 months
  10. Throw a “thankyou” party for my family and friends once I am finally divorced
  11. Actually sort out Norton Back up instead of just clicking “ignore”
  12. Get the Wii fixed instead of denying I broke it!
  13. Stop shouting at the girls as much
  14. Give something up for Lent every year
  15. Take pictures and blog my progress for every item on this list
  16. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day
  17. Buy a car
  18. Once I have a car, research and go on free days out once a fortnight
  19. Use money off coupons I get
  20. Only use coupons if I need the product
  21. Think of 1 positive experience from the day and write it down for a month
  22. Take B to the Science Museum
  23. Take the girls to a zoo
  24. Take the girls on holiday – and view it through their eyes
  25. Meet one other single parent in real life through my online journey during the 1001 day challenge
  26. Make Birthday and Christmas cards regularly not just every once in a while
  27. Research sex education books so I am ready to tell B when the time comes
  28. Buy proper lunch boxes so I don’t have to use cling wrap for sandwiches
  29. Make lunches the night before, and take lunch to work with me when I start my new job so I don’t fall into the “buying lunch ” habit
  30. Wean H off her dummy completely within the next 6 months
  31. Treat myself to a hair cut every 8 weeks
  32. Treat myself to a manicure/facial/massage every 8 weeks
  33. Convert H’s cot into a bed
  34. Turn off my mobile AND laptop for an hour every day to get on top of jobs
  35. Draw up a jobs chart involving B too, and stick to it for a month
  36. Bite the bullet and ask someone out on a date
  37. Regain my confidence riding a bike by the summer
  38. Take the girls out for regular bike rides in the summer
  39. Teach B to cross the road safely so she can walk herself to school in Yr 4
  40. Research photography studios in the area and go for a family photo shoot
  41. Take the girls to a theme park
  42. Register the girls for free swimming and take them once a month
  43. Write to my local MP and council with regard the need for a pedestrian crossing on a local busy road
  44. Blog at least 1 book review a month
  45. Blog at least 1 film review a month
  46. Complete another 60 points towards my degree with OU
  47. Buy a blank canvas and create a “Family Art Piece”
  48. Convince someone else to take up blogging
  49. Convince someone else to take on the 1001 days challenge
  50. Have a proper sort out of all our clothes and repeat every 6 months
  51. Have a proper sort out of the girls toys and repeat every 6 months
  52. Dig out the Ebay box in the garage and get it all listed
  53. Sort out the scanner and get all my photos on the computer
  54. Take up a new crafting hobby
  55. Re-do my budget when I start work and stick to it. Then review it every 6 months
  56. Always find the positives in a situation
  57. Say no when I can’t do something – without feelling guilty
  58. Face my fear and let the kids paint at home
  59. Learn different relaxation techniques and use one every day
  60. Teach these techniques to B and also why it is important
  61. Research phobias and help B face her fear of Santa for Christmas 2011
  62. Dance in the summer rain
  63. Take B to our local cathederal
  64. Make home made pizza with the girls letting them take the lead
  65. Make Easter bonnets with the girls
  66. Tackle the storage issue in the house
  67. Try a new fruit or vegetable every fortnight for 6 months
  68. Learn to make soup
  69. Take the girls on a train
  70. Visit the library with the girls once a month
  71. Start training in order to do Race for Life in 2011
  72. Spend more time in the garden
  73. Help the girls plant up and look after flowers in their own planters
  74. Save up and go to a concert
  75. Think of 1 thing each day I have done with my kids and keep a record of it, so I can look back on difficult days and know I am doing a good job
  76. Make treasure baskets for both girls and blog about what they are about
  77. Help B reach a self set goal by helping her plan and work towards it
  78. Get H out of nappies in the day within 6 months
  79. Get H out of nappies at night within a year
  80. Buy a new address book and use it
  81. Take girls to a circus
  82. Write a Will
  83. Re-assess my long term savings
  84. Take out Life Insurance
  85. Buy a diary and use it!
  86. Put the pictures up in the house
  87. Learn to make buscuits and stop buying them
  88. Do some research and reduce my electric and gas useage
  89. Get a small fish tank and get the girls to help be responsible for them
  90. Pay attention to the political parties so I know what to vote for in the election
  91. Send Birhday cards on time!
  92. Have a weeked where I don’t say “no” to the girls requests (unless it’s something dangerous or very expensive)
  93. Restart the memory books for the girls
  94. Go Salsa dancing
  95. Give my feet the TLC they deserve so I have no hard skin by the summer
  96. Completely sort out my itunes
  97. Take the girls sightseeing in London
  98. Restain the garden furniture
  99. Make my blog successful with regular hits and learn how to get it on Google!
  100. Try a change in my style of clothes
  101. Register to stop cold calls and junk mail

UPDATE – I have finally worked out the date I am aiming to be completed by, which is November 17th 2012!

Only a few weeks off completion, some of these haven’t been achieved but are planned for completion such as the train journey and foreign holiday which are both booked for next year!


  1. I so want to do this. I need to give my 101 a bit of thought but I’ll be stealing some of yours if thats okay.

    Comment by Clair | February 21, 2010 | Reply

    • Yeah it took me about 5 hours after a few days just thinking of things in my head but am raring to go now! If you also look on BMB there is a group for those of us doing it, if you can’t find it look through my page! Don’t forget t let me know when your list is up so I can have a peak and cross it off my list lol!

      Comment by supersinglemum | February 21, 2010 | Reply

  2. Hey, I finally got my 101 up! Rather excited about it actually. Since I saw the idea here first I’ve linked back to you in the post. I must get around to finding that group on BMB but Im a bit rubbish at remembering to go on there.
    Good Luck with your list, I need to get a few crossed off!

    Comment by Clair | April 2, 2010 | Reply

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