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Pen and Paper by Kristian D..For those of you who didn’t read my old blog, or just want to remind yourself of my background, here goes…….

I’m a 33 year old single mum. I have two daughters, B is 8 and H is 3. I have been single since I was 5 months pregnant with H, and yes they both have the same dad. They see him alternate weekends and holidays unless he is away with work.

When my marriage broke down I moved the length of the country to be back at home near family and unfortunately lost my job due to the credit crunch too. I returned to work in March 2010, as a Family Support Worker. It’s such a rewarding job but hard work too. I’m now in a new relationship with Mr D and have the added dynamics of his children and how they fit into both my life and my girls lives! Being a parent brings some challenges but I wouldn’t change it!

As a single mum it’s a great way to view my opinions and get other points of view. Don’t get me wrong I have some fantastic friends and family on my doorstep and I talk things through with them. Sometimes the view of a perfect stranger is a breeze of fresh air though.

So be warned, I really am getting into this now and I am likely to post some utter drivel as well as some (hopefully) interesting stuff. All I ask is that you comment honestly, I don’t expect my opinions to be agreeable to everyone and at times I will be looking for some opinions that contradict my own.

Picture Credit: Kristian D.


  1. HI There..

    Very short introduction but believe u such a strong woman. I am a single mum too for 2 growing boys…being single for almost 6 yrs now.


    Comment by whitemutiara | July 13, 2010 | Reply

  2. hi … we are on the same shoes….. am a single mum too ….a mother of a 3 yr old boy. i just love the way you were coping…… stay strong……

    Comment by mariebhelle | August 17, 2010 | Reply

  3. Hi There!
    I have seen and read many blogs but i have enjoyed your the best! Keep it coming im sure you will create a big interest! All the best!

    Comment by Hitesha | November 2, 2010 | Reply

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