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Ten Things to do before I Die

Ok so I have nicked the idea for todays post from the NaBloPoMo Facebook page, but I thought it’s quite a good one to do, and not as easy as it first sounds so here we go…….

1. Visit Australia including scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef – for some reason I hate going in the sea and having fish round my feet, but really want to Scuba dive on the barrier reef, and have done since I was little.

2. See my daughters grow up into well rounded women – I know every parent assumes this will happen, but in order to do this I have to look after myself and them to ensure it happens!

3. Go on a safari – I love to see animals in their natural surroundings!

4. Have a holiday somewhere with beaches, sea and peace and quite – I’d love to go to the Maldives or other tropical peaceful place.

5. Keep Marine fish – I have a tropical tank, but at the moment space and money restricts me from being able to have a marine tank with the fish I would like, one day though!!

6. Go on a ghost hunt – I’ve always fancied going on a ghost walk, or staying in a haunted house, hopefully I will manage to find the nerve to do it one day!

7. Eat at the Fat Duck – I am amazed when I see Heston Blumenthal cook, I’d love to try his food!

8. Visit Auschwitz – After visiting Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam I would also like to visit Auschwitz

9. Write a book – I have tried many times to write a book and never succeeded, even if it’s never published I’d like to writer a complete book!

10. Be happy – I know it sounds really corny, but the main thing I want in my life is happiness. Whether I achieve anything else I hope that when the time comes I can say I had a happy life!

So that’s my 10 things, what would yours include?

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