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How Much Money Is Lying Around The Average House?

Most people would be surprised by the amount of money that they can find around the average house. Looking behind sofas and in clothes can yield a significant amount of change, while decluttering and going through your home to find potentially valuable items and things that can be sold on in bulk can also result in a windfall. Alternatively, you can consider the benefits of short term cash loans and using pawnbrokers to build money off items that may have been gathering dust in attics and basements.

Finding Cash

The average house contains extensive places where you might find loose change and money. The first place to look should be down the sides of cushions on sofas and chairs in the living room. Move furniture to check underneath, and look inside the lining of items. You should also go through all closets and drawers for any change that might have fallen out of pockets. Old coats and jeans that haven’t been worn for a while may contain loose change, and even the odd note. Check inside the lining of coats if they’re particularly old.

Going through drawers and cupboards throughout the house can also be rewarding, either for finding loose change that can be added up, or for finding old wallets and purses. Particularly check any handbags that might have fallen behind the back of a cupboard. It’s worth going through the linings of washing machines and dryers if you don’t regularly, as they may contain loose change. If you have young children, then it’s also an idea to check under floorboards, under beds, and inside toys. Moreover, check the floor of your car, and your garage, attic, and basement for old boxes and clothes.

While doing so, you may find some valuable goods, as well as bulk items that can be sold on. Decluttering is always a good idea if you want to go through your stuff in the most efficient way possible, and you’d be surprised by the odd things that might have disappeared into a box during a move that may be of value. These things might include wearable clothes, old toys, and even high value items like gold jewellery that you no longer wear. Other items, such as old mobile phones, can be sent away for a cash payment, as can parts from PCs and old laptops. When selling, use car boot sales for bulk items, and take care to present anything that might be more valuable online, or through a specialist shop. This can be a good idea with old furniture and any pieces of art, as well as with clocks and jewellery.

Alternatively, you can take high value items to a pawnbrokers, where you can receive a short term cash advance against their value. At the end of a month, you can choose to buy back the item, or use it to pay off the loan. Cash Loans in Colchester and Braintree, and many other places, have been founded on this kind of approach. Remember, though, that going through a pawnbroker does carry the risk of losing an item, so think carefully before putting anything into a scheme. You can also sell items outright to secondhand shops, and to specialist online sellers.

Rob James is a father of four. He recommends CashInHandPawnBrokers for cash loans in Colchester and Braintree. Rob can be found blogging about the many different aspects of family life.

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