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Dark Nights

I guess there is now no denying that winter is looming. Tonight I had to drive home in the dark. I wouldn’t mind but I left work at 5pm and it was already almost pitch dark! It really wasn’t a nice feeling. I know the clocks changed last weekend and that does make a big difference, but I am surprised every year about how quickly the nights draw in at this time of year!

So how do the dark nights impact on you? Here’s my top things about dark nights:

  • I’m more tired in the evenings – once the curtains are shut and it’s dark outside I go into hibernation mode, I want to wrap myself up in a blanket and go to sleep!
  • I eat too much – when I am cold and tired and wrapped up in a blanket in front of a feel good movie, I comfort eat. It must be the hibernation thing again, building up my fat stores for the winter, try telling my body I have enough though!
  • Evenings are rushed – in the summer when it is light, I lose track of time a bit, we eat around 6pm summer and winter, but in the summer it always feels like there is more time to do things in an evening I don’t know why!
  • Snuggles – on the plus side, wanting to snuggle up with a blanket is great fun with Mr K, and I actually really enjoy listening to the rain and wind outside when I am snuggled up in the warm, I just find it really satisfying!

I’d love to hear your views on how the dark nights effect you, or any tips on how to keep motivated when it’s dark, and especially eradicating the comfort eating!!

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