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Not Again

Well it is official I have fallen out of love this Valentines Day. It’s been one of those relationships that’s had it’s ups and downs and this time I think there is no way back. My car is out of action again! Now back in November time my car was playing up and I had some work done on it and since then it’s been fantastic. It’s coming up to MOT time again and I know it won’t pass, but on top of that, this morning it wouldn’t start. Tomorrow it’s getting towed away to find out what is wrong.

So, I now have the task of weighing up how much it is worth ploughing money into this car. I do a lot of miles for work and can’t work without wheels and I have been lucky enough not to need finance for anything since becoming single. I don’t want to live beyond my means, but yesterday I found out my job is definitely secure for another 2 and half years, so in that sense maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and cut my loses with this car.

Then there’s the whole emotional thing. Back in October I had half term off, was ill for all of it and was shortly after signed off for 5 weeks due to my depression. On the plus side I am now slowly reducing my meds and should be off them by the end of the month. Today is the first day since my dosage reduced that I have seen the me from months ago. I panicked about the car, I burst into tears and started with the whole “curse of half term” thoughts. I did however, get myself out of it. I walked to where I needed to go, yes it took about 2 hours instead of 30 minutes, but I have still done what I intended to do today. Tomorrow I am still doing what I planned to, but I’m no longer driving – no great issue there either. I’m thinking positive and not letting myself fall – 5 months ago I wasn’t able to do that.

Now it’s a waiting game, see what gets said tomorrow as to where I go with it, fingers crossed for an easy cheap solution! Here’s hoping!!

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