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When to Give Independence a Go!

H is 3 and a half now and I still see her as my baby, probably because there is 5 and half years between her and B, but even with Mr D’s kids round, she is much younger. B has got the freedom to go to her room which was decorated in the summer and she has started going out to play where I can see her. Thing is though, H likes to do what her sister does and as her room was also decorated in the summer I’m constantly being asked “can I play in my bedroom”.

This is all new to me, when B was that age she was the only child in a house bigger than this one and so generally played downstairs where I could see her. She never wanted to play in her room, in fact it’s only really in the last 6 months she has started doing that. So I had a dilemma, let H play in her room or not. If only I had a way of keeping an eye on her without her thinking I am watching her….

Then I got an email from Storage Options about their new range of Products, one of which being the KidCam. At first I was a little sceptical this would be what I was looking for but I was sent it to try out and I cannot sing it’s praises enough. Take a look on the website for the specifications, but here’s my view on the product. The two cameras are small and light weight and come with two different stands, one which uses suction to attach to a window or mirror, and another which can be used as a stand, or attached to the wall with screws (not supplied). Then there is the monitor unit which also has a stand or can be carried around the house as the units are completely wireless. Three chargers are included so all 3 units can be charged at the same time.


I was expecting the pairing process to be a pain. It’s always the case, when you get a new bluetooth headset or want to sort out your wireless network, it is never as easy as the instructions would have you believe. Imagine my shock when I switched on the units and they were already paired. It is all done in the factory so it is literally power on and go. The great thing is that you can have the monitor streaming live video with sound from either camera. You can also have a split screen to see the feeds from both cameras at the same time. The also work in the dark through infra red, and it really is a clear picture day or night.

I have to say the KidCam really has changed the amount of independence I can let H have, and I am sure as she grows the use of the KidCam will adapt, for instance to cover her playing in the garden while I sort the washing. I guess the benefits are endless especially as a single parent, two kids with only one set of eyes can be hard!

Adapters are available for you to use the device in the car, and also available are the BabyCam Car and BabyCam Nursery, so whatever your child monitoring needs they have something for you.


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  1. These look brilliant, I could do with one for Beanie Boy as he can be quite deceptive with his cries when he is sleeping/waking and if you walk in at just the wrong moment he will wake up before he is due to. If I could see him on camera I would know whether he is actually awake or asleep. I would also be able to tell if he is trying to climb over the top of his cot sides when he isn’t supposed to either!!!

    Comment by Mummy Matters | January 6, 2012 | Reply

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