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How Rude

I’ve had a really rubbish day today but this morning I had to go to Tesco as I had nothing in for lunch or tea. I walked round Tesco in a daze, yet again the store had more managers about than customers and they kept getting in my way but despite all that I managed to remember everything.

When I had done I made my way to the checkouts. We have about 20 in our local store and only 3 were open so I joined the smallest queue. Obviously Tesco no longer honour the promise to open another till if there are 2 people in front of you, but I was in no rush other than wanting to get back to the security of my car.

Behind me an older chap joined the cue, who decided he would jab into my back with his hand while he rushed to load up the conveyor with his shopping. He hit me a couple of times and the fact was I couldn’t move forward because, well, we were in a queue!! So I just moved a little to get out of the way and then soon enough it was me being served.

For a change the checkout girl was very nice, she didn’t rush my shopping through and was quite happy for me to finish packing before demanding money. When I had finished she handed me my change and receipt. Before even saying thank you and goodbye, I felt a trolley push into my hip with enough force that I actually moved side ways! I let out a sigh, thanked the checkout girl and walked away.

If I was myself I would have asked this nice man if his mother had ever taught him manners, but I’m not myself at the moment and I actually felt so small that I wanted to cry.

So my moral to this story is 2 fold – 1. Being Polite costs nothing and 2. You might not know the person your actions effect, but that means you don’t know how your actions will effect them so don’t assume they won’t notice!

November 29, 2011 - Posted by | Current Affairs |

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  1. Lots of hugs.

    Anything I can do to help?

    I have found that the people who come into our lives at any given moment (like the pushy man) come because we have lessons to learn from them about ourselves.

    I have had angry patients who came into my life who taught me about myself and how I like to be in control and can’t let go. (The man was angry because he was really ill and didn’t see himself ever getting better so through his anger was trying to control the nurses and doctors)

    I have had frightened dying patients who came into my life to help me learn to cope with my own fear of death.

    And I can go on and on. Once even wrote about it:

    I try to view these types of experiences as what is it I need to get out of it and I think your experience has taught you some important lessons about kindness.

    I am thinking maybe “someone” was pushing his hand. Maybe this “push” is a figurative (okay literal) push out of the icky feeling and mood you have been in.

    Hugs and hope things swing the other way real soon.

    Comment by susie @newdaynewlesson | November 30, 2011 | Reply

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