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Christmas is Coming

Yes I know, I said it and it’s only November.

Six weeks today we will be opening pressies, eating too much and having a great time, really that’s not all that far away! So I am really impressed with myself this year I have to say, because I have almost finished and I only started this month!

When it comes to Christmas I like to be organised but I rarely am. This year the girls wrote to Santa over half term, I emailed them to him and he has been in touch to say most things have been organised with the help of Amazon. The bits on the list that are seeming to be the toys to have this year, are sorted and I have even got most of the rest of people sorted too. The thing is though I now realise that the benefits of sorting things early can also be dangerous. I really want to give things to people already! I am so excited about seeing everyone’s face when they open their gifts! I guess I just have to be patient!!

My downfall as always is Christmas cards, I send to close family but I have given up pretending I will send them to everyone. But I’m not going to beat myself up about it, I don’t get many either so either people have decided as I don’t send they won’t send to me, or as seems to be the case, other people don’t send them either!

So how are you doing with Christmas preparations? Are your decs up yet? I think mine may go up in 2 weeks time so watch this space!!!


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