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I Hate Clothes Shopping!

Today i am going to a wedding, the first I have been to for a while! Now I have a dress I am looking forward to it much more! The trouble is I don’t like shopping. I’ve never enjoyed going to buy new clothes. I love having new clothes and wearing them once I have them. But I hate the whole trying things on and having to get the bigger size!

The wedding has been a date in my diary for over a year. The date was set a long time ago and the invite received at the start of summer. As it’s a November wedding the weather could go either way and as such I immediately thought all was ok, because I bought a nice dress last winter and only wore it twice, neither of those times were for a family event, so therefore no need to panic.

iphone 319Ok, imagine my panic then when last Sunday night I decided to try on my dress, just in case, and couldn’t get it done up! You see this time last year I had lost 2 stone on weight watchers and whilst I knew I had put a bit on I just expected the dress to be a bit tighter but not completely too small! Not to worry, I had another in the wardrobe a size bigger, because it was too big last year hence buying the new one. Realising this too was now too small was a little heart-breaking to be honest. And then the panic set in. Today is Friday and my day off, therefore I was at work every day till the wedding, and with 2 kids and their mid week commitments I had no idea what I would do.

Thankfully, the local Tesco clothing department had just put out a display of party wear, and also thankfully they had one to fit. I won’t say the size, because some things don’t need to be on the internet!! Lets just say it is 2 sizes bigger than I was in last year, 2 sizes bigger than I thought I could still get away with.

On the plus, I now have a new dress for both today and Mr D’s Christmas do next month. On the minus side is the fact that the diet MUST restart. I’ve always put weight on easily but that really isn’t an excuse to ignore it!! This time next year I will need a smaller dress, and I will enjoy shopping for it!!


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