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Drive Properly you Plonker!!

I shout this a lot lately! It drives me mad. I’ve noticed recently that drivers have no courtesy and seem to do as they wish. There is the usual case of people not knowing how to indicate or use lanes properly on motorways but lately it just seems to be worse.

Just this week I was over taken by an OAP on a mini roundabout. I went ROUND the mini roundabout – get that! I did what you should do at a roundabout. Behind me was an old man in a hat, who went OVER the mini roundabout and then overtook me coming off the roundabout. I couldn’t believe it, a built up area and he was putting lives at risk!

I drive a fair few miles a week for work and I would say at least once a day I see someone driving dangerously. I don’t just mean going a bit over the speed limit or giving way at a STOP sign. I mean proper dangerous driving where an accident could easily have been caused.

Thing is though, what can I do about it? I will swear at them from the safety of my car where they can’t even see me properly but what is there we can do to stop people driving like this? Where are the traffic cops on rural roads? I’ve contemplated calling the Police non emergency line to report it, but I think they would get fed up of me! If anyone knows what I can do please let me know!!!

What winds you up about other drivers?


November 9, 2011 - Posted by | Me, myself and I |

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