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The Wonderful World We Live In

Think about it, life is pretty good these days, we have technology that was only dreamed of by out grandparents. We can communicate in ways that would seem magical to those only 100 years ago. Everything seems to talk to each other, phones, computers, printers, even the TV can be controlled by your mobile phone from anywhere in the world! It’s pretty amazing really.

Until it goes wrong……

This week I have been off for half term, so I had planned to get on top of my Blog, do some mindless tweeting and play rubbish games on Facebook, in-between doing all the kiddie things of course!! So imagine my annoyance when at about 1pm on Monday my router stopped working. At first I thought it just needed resetting but after trying it in 2 sockets and a phone call to my provider, it transpired that my modem was broke and I need a new one. My initial thought was, great how much is this going to cost me? So when the nice lady on the phone told me that actually it would be free I was happy again. Then came the dreaded words “Your replacement modem will be with you within 5 working day”. Great!!

Ok I thought, it’s ok, I can tweet and keep up with Facebook on my iPhone, and I’m off work so ne need to access my work email from home. Except I use my WiFi at home for my phone, and without it on my poor signal means it takes ages to load anything! Still, it’s not all bad, it’s half term and I have to spend the time with the girls without the internet………

B asked me to help with her homework so while H was at nursery on Tuesday we sat down to do it. Hmmm, I don’t know much about Anglo-Saxons. B piped up “Let’s Google it mum”. Nope, not this week, we’ll have to do it the old fashioned way, and out came the history books!

Don’t get me wrong, I can live without the internet, but when it’s my choice, like when I’m on holiday! I just don’t like having it taken away without my say so!!

As you can tell, I have received my replacement modem and all systems are now go again. Normal service is once again resumed. Phew, my security blanket is back!! It made me realise how much I rely on technology though, from simple keeping in touch to banking; homework to proving I’m right in debates, the internet is the norm these days and I actually find it quite fascinating that my girls will never know a world without the web, I wonder what will develop in their lifetime, and if I came back in 100 years would it be to a world that I can only now imagine as magic?


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