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The Joys of Gardening

I hate gardening, mud up my nails, creepy crawlies, mud and grass trodden into the house, not really my cup of tea. Things is though, I love sitting in a nice garden, having beautiful flowers to look at, attracting the wildlife, bottle of wine on a hot summers evening. Now that I can do! To get to that stage my garden needs some serious TLC though!

Clear Patio

Last year, I cut my grass twice! It’s a job my dear dad used to do, but as he did his back in last year it wasn’t really practical for him to have the upkeep of his own garden and mine! We didn’t go out in the garden much and I trimmed the shrubs once, but it was like a jungle out there!

Pruned Shrubs



This weekend, the sun was shining and I thought right, it needs doing, so with the help of Mr D – ok, by help I mean, he did it while I did the “women’s” work, baking cakes and cooking dinner! Anyway, a start has been made on the garden. So now I feel like it’s achievable and I’m counting down to lots of garden fun this year!

Garden Fun

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