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Weigh in number 2

Well I am late again with my weigh day news!! It’s now almost a week since my last weigh in but as promised here is my update!

The week didn’t go as well as the first one. I don’t know why but I started to feel hungry between meals and wasn’t filling up on fruit because the selection in the supermarket wasn’t the best when I went!

I walked into the meeting in Thursday evening feeling tired and bloated, convinced I had put in weight. And the result was…….another 2.5lb loss, making a total of 5.5lb!!

To say I was happy is an understatement!! This week I am actually looking forward to weigh day even though that may sound strange! I can get my skinny jeans on comfortably now and my middle is definitely shrinking. I’m already feeling less run down and tired and the best of it is I can eat what I want!!!

Watch this space for the next instalment!!

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