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Weigh In Number One

Regular readers will no doubt recall that not so long ago I wrote a post about the fact I have signed up for Weight Watchers again and am determined to lose the extra weight I’ve been carrying around for most of my adult life. So how did my 1st week go?

The food side was ok, I switched from high fat snacks and started eating lots of fruit and swapping high POINTS value carbs, with soups and low point alternatives. As far as being active is concerned, well that didn’t change much but I have been looking at the small ways I can be more active in the normal things I do. So I was parking at the far end of the supermarket car park instead of as close to the door as possible. I take the washing upstairs in a couple of trips instead of taking a big basket at once and have just generally made my self put more “umph” into anything I have been doing.

I felt great for the first few days but as weigh day approached I started to feel bloated and like I had put weight on rather than lost it. Off we went for weigh in last Thursday and I was expecting very little if any change in my weight.

I got on the scales and…………..I’ve lost 3lb! Now whilst this doesn’t sound much – especially when I think about the massive 6 stone I want to lose in total, to put that into perspective, it’s only just under a quarter of a stone! Which means I am on track to lose it all within a year and that’s my aim. There’s no point in losing it too fast because I know it will go back on just as fast – slow and steady wins the race so to speak!

This week is going pretty good so far, and I have to say that I am beginning to find it more natural to listen to the full signals and I am eating less but not feeling hungry, so fingers crossed for more good news this week!!!

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