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MEME: What job can you imagine your baby doing?

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Mummy Matters in this new MEME so here goes!

The aim of this one is to predict what you think your kids will grow up to be, and I was tagged a few days ago and have been thinking about it ever since. I can’t really decide on what I want to say for either of them so here goes with my pondering!!!

First B, well she loves dancing around and singing and keeps telling me she is going to go on X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent when she is old enough. She likes to act out and loves to be the centre of attention. She’s also quite shy at times though! She loves doing arty things and making things and doesn’t like to sit still so what do I think? I think she is most probably going to be a mum first and a career girl second. She is always talking about when she has kids and she has a really caring nature about her. However, if that doesn’t happen before the career then there are a few things I think she may do. First is a hairdresser because that’s what she says she wants to be. She loves things surrounding hair and fashion, so maybe even a beautician.

I can also see her as a teacher because again it’s something she has spoken about wanting to do, yet I really can see it in her because of her caring nature and he want to teach others. She is always coming home and telling me new things that she has learnt and she has a great enthusiasm. She’s also very creative so when I say a teacher, I think in primary school when they still get to do fun stuff!

Thing is though, I know that she would love to have a career in performing because she is always willing to dance, sing and just generally try and entertain. After out holiday in Butlins, she said she wants to be a Red Coat, and so you know what, I think if that’s what she wants and she actually puts her heart into it she could well succeed because she definitely has the personality and the drive for it.

As for H, well being only 2 years old at the moment this one is a bit harder. She is very much into role play at the moment and her favourite toy is her kitchen.She will play for hours bringing me cups of tea and plates of food. She will also have a full on tantrum if I am cooking and she can’t watch. So maybe she is going to be a chef. She stands with her pans making her Bolognaise and acts out adding a bit of this and a bit of that, stirring and dishing up. She puts more into it than I have seen a 2 year old do before.

The main thing with H at the moment that is coming through is her temper though, she gets so frustrated when she can’t do something and will keep trying until she masters things. She is also very intelligent for her age. Oh and if she doesn’t get her own way she’s very persistent in trying every way she can to get her way in the end. Maybe this is the kind of personality she needs to be a top business woman, doing what I don’t know but I’m thinking down the lines ofher running her own big company. But then back to reality, she is 2 and as such anything could happen! The thing with H is she has a string personality and a lot of intelligence, which means she could do anything she wants to if she puts her mind to it. That’s the key though, will she want to do the things she has the skills for?

One thing is for sure, whatever my girls want to do I will support them 100% of the way. I can’t promise I won’t push them to try harder but ultimately as long as they chose a path they are happy with then I will be so proud of them, as I am now!

So what do you think? What do you see your kids doing as adults?

August 17, 2010 - Posted by | meme

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