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In The End It Gets Us All

It’s a fact of life that we age, by the second we get older and age builds up before we know what’s happening. Deep down inside I still feel like a mid 20’s woman but really I’m more and I had that in spirit I am much younger than I physically am. Now the reason I write is not because I am feeling old.

Last week my Grandma came to stay with my parents, who I am lucky enough to live just round the corner from. My Grandma has never aged in my eyes, because she has only got older at the speed I have got older. I am lucky in that I come from a young family. My mum had me at 20 and my grandma was at the time only 45. My mum was the middle child, and I am the oldest grandchild on both sides of my family. I was lucky enough to have great grandparents in my life too, only loosing my great grandma just over 2 years ago. But this week it has struck me how cruel age is.

I have always been close to my grandma so when I heard about her fall at the start of this year putting her in hospital, it did mean the start of some difficult months of recovery, which are still going on now. I remember having a conversation with my mum and grandma just before Christmas, talking about age and grandma said she still feels like a young woman inside but her body has aged and it’s hard work. Now though, due to her accident, she has limited movement in her arm and very limited use of her hand. Her balance is poor and she can only walk short distances and has to use a stick or wheelchair all the time. She feels a burden because mentally she is still as capable as she always has been, but physically things are more difficult.

None of these changes make a difference to the family, we are close – always have been – and will do anything for her. She is still the same person to us regardless of how things are. It just got me thinking how cruel age is and that it comes to us all. Some people age quicker than others it’s true, I mean no offence to my mum but at the same age as madonna, I can’t see her being able to dance like her. (Although I have to say my mum looks much better!) The thing is though, old age comes to us all and yet at times and in different ways, the older generation are not taken into account at all. People speak through other families members instead of direct to the older person, people walk in the way without acknowledging someone not so steady on their feet and something that really has wound me up recently is the state of the paths and access to places which make wheel chair use a nightmare!

Here’s to aging gracefully but mostly, lets be more aware of what is needed as we grow older because if it wasn’t for the older generation we wouldn’t be who we are today!


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  1. Getting old is horrible isn’t it. My Nan was really lucky she lived her life to the fullest had a massive stroke and was only with us for a week after that, but never woke from the stroke. Which my mother was really pleased about as she had a good life. My Gran was very different she developed dementia fours years ago, passing away a month ago. It was really hard, obviously we were all still there for her but it was so difficult. She regularly didn’t know who we were, thinking my dad was granddad, and she was so fragile and hunched over. My uncles were her carers, she lost her dignity before she died and that was the hardest thing I found with everything. It was really sad and degrading that her three boys and daughter ended up doing tasks for her that no child should have to do you can imagine, she had no sense of bodily functions and children shouldn’t have to do that. When she was in the system my dad was very unhappy with the hoops they had to jump through to get anything he felt that it was awful. So sad, and you are so correct “if it wasn’t for the older generation we wouldn’t be who we are today!” My Gran was a land girl and that is what we as a society were able to provide for her, not right at all xxx

    Comment by andthenallithoughtaboutwasyou | August 1, 2010 | Reply

    • Ah bless thanks for sharing this. It is hard as we age and dementia is something I am lucky enough not to have experience of inmy family, but as I say in my post, we are a young family and I know it will happen to someone I love and I hope I can be strong if that time comes. xxx

      Comment by supersinglemum | August 3, 2010 | Reply

  2. She is so lucky to have loving family near by. And aren’t you lucky to still have a grandmother around? I really miss mine, and still can’t bring myself to delete her number from my mobile, even though she died five years ago.

    Comment by angelsandurchinsblog | August 3, 2010 | Reply

    • Oh yes, very lucky! I hate hearing of family fueds over something or nothing meaning both sides miss out. We are a strong family and I can’t imagine it being any other way – I just wish I could do more but I don’t think I can find a cure for getting old! xxx

      Comment by supersinglemum | August 3, 2010 | Reply

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