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World Cup Fever

Today is the start of the 2010 World Cup. I’ve got my England T-Shirt as has B, who has been frantically saving Match Attax cards for a while now. Tomorrow night is the first England game and it’s the 1st time B has ever said she wants to watch the football. But what is it about the Football World Cup that gets us all full of national pride?


The flags are out every where, on cars, on flag poles, on houses, in shops. You must be on the moon if you haven’t noticed it all. Yet I can’t say as I ever notice the same for other sports. Ok sometimes the rugby, but what about the cricket and the olympics? Nothing gets us proud about our nation quite like the football does. I can’t even say it’s because of the sport itself. I don’t follow football normally, I don’t understand anything about the game except the aim is to score more than the opposing team. Yet I too, am looking forward to watching the games and in my heart I want England to do the thing the nation dreams of, bring it home!!!


So come on boys, do us and the nation proud!!!!


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