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What I am afraid of………



Thanks to Magic Mummy I have been tagged in this Meme and I’ve not come across this one before so here goes…….

As I am sure you can guess, it’s basically to open up about what we are afraid of and I have to admit it’s not as easy as it looks. I mean, yeah I don’t like spiders and I am definitely afraid of big ones. Then there is heights, I once got stuck in our local soft play centre because I was determined to get to the top, but climbing up the mesh turret I made the fatal mistake of looking down and froze. I couldn’t move even though small children were climbing over me to get past!

I’m also not keen on flying. I have to be perfectly honest and say it’s because I don’t understand it. I do, I have been taught how lift works and how aeroplanes fly, but it seems weird to me that something so big can fly and it scares the heebie jeebies out of me. But then looking at this one closer I also don’t particularly like travelling by train, or in a car that someone else is driving. So I think to be honest one of my biggest fears is the fear of not being in control. Even in every day life, I like to be in control of my life and my decisions. I feel safe if I am in control.

Oh and my other main fear is the fear of growing old alone. I am a happy single mum right now. I love my life and I love my girls but one day they will grow up and leave home, maybe get married, live with someone, what ever they decide. It does worry me that I will then be completely on my own. And by that age will I have it in me to go out and find someone. I don’t see myself as being single forever, but then I didn’t see myself as being divorced. It links back to my other fear though, I hope that if I am still single by then, it is through choice because then I am in control of it!!!

So there we have it, no weird phobias of fears for me. My parents say I am scared of sock puppets, I’m not scared of them I just don’t “get” them!! But no, buttons, Velcro and bananas don’t worry me!!!

So it’s over to you, I know I am meant to tag people to do this, but I’m going to open up the floor……..if you want to open up about your fears, grab the award and write your post. Add your link to the comments so I can come and take a peek!!!

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  1. I hate spiders! I’m trying not to pass that on to the kids though and it’s working so far – my youngest picked up a spider (very gently) earlier on and took it outside as he didn’t want to hurt one of gods creatures

    Comment by Magic Mummy | May 30, 2010 | Reply

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