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That Feeling of Contentment

I’ve been feeling a bit weird lately. I can’t explain it, but like something isn’t quite right. I couldn’t put my finger on it and so could do nothing about it. All is ok with me and the girls and  although Dad is back on the scene now after his 3 months away, there are no issues in that area either.


This weekend I started to feel really edgy though. And what was making it worse is the fact I was getting wound up about not knowing what was making me feel anxious and not quite right. My patience with the girls was at an all time low and I had the urge to just curl up and do nothing all weekend.


Something is bugging me and I wish I could put my finger on what………because when I feel like this for no reason something always ends up happening, like I know something is coming and can do nothing to stop it and not in a good way! So, today I have had a short day at work and came home and started blitzing the house. By that I mean completely going mad with bin bags. I have sorted H’s wardrobe for the 1st time since we moved here a year ago. I have finally sorted and thrown out my old clothes, of which I have been hoarding for about 5 years. I cooked the bolognaise for tea before I picked up the girls and even found time to sit and have a read of my new book.


There is still something wrong though……I feel good at having achieved a lot, and the girls have both come home in great moods and my patience is back, I’m still waiting for something though. Everything makes me worry at the minute and I don’t like it!!!

Do you ever go through times like this and how do you deal with it??

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  1. I worry about everything all the time, but you know that already! maybe we should both stop stressing and just enjoy life at the mo! If youneed to chat you know where I am xxxxx

    Comment by mumtoj | May 20, 2010 | Reply

    • Cheers hun, maybe you not being round the corner has something to do with it lol!!!!
      Been feeling a bit better these last few days so here’s hoping it’s passed!!! xx

      Comment by supersinglemum | May 20, 2010 | Reply

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