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Is our Parliament Well Hung?

I’ve done it. I’ve just been and voted. This time I have done it for me. The first time I voted I was 18 and really didn’t have much of a clue. This is the only General Election I have voted in, truly believing I had made an informed choice. As part of my 101 things in 1001 days, I said I was going to do research so I knew who to vote for. Boy, did I research! I read all the three major parties manifesto’s a few times, and had them favourited so I could drop back into them whenever I thought of something else. I spoke openly to anyone and everyone who would listen about my undecided vote. I got into some really good debates both in “real” life and in the virtual world of the net. All the parties had some things I agreed with. All the parties had things I didn’t agree with. All the party leaders had me nodding along, then shouting abuse during the Leader’s Debates. I changed my mind sooooo many times!


So, ok you all want to know how I voted? Now I know some people are very cagey about their vote. No-one has the right to expect people to say who they vote for. It’s a personal decision. Now I have cast my vote, and many people will have voted by the time they read this, my little bit of political waffle will make no difference in the grand scheme of things because we the public are deciding right now, up and down the country, who will be our next Government.


I am proud to say that I voted Labour. Ok, ok stop shouting at me while I tell you why. I voted Labour because I turned 18 in time to vote in the election where the Tory reign ended and Labour came to power. My whole adult life has been spent in a Labour run Britain. I have never been unemployed for more than a few months when moving house, apart from through choice after having my children. I receive Tax Credits which enable me to work as a single parent, without which I would have no choice but stay at home. Both my children have Trust Funds. Ok I am the one who pays into them but if the Government hadn’t made them compulsory then I for one probably still wouldn’t have set them up off my own back. Ok, you cry, what about the credit crunch? Well, I don’t think we can blame a global recession on one person and Gordon Brown was not to blame. We all spent too much, took advantage of interest free credit and lived in a material world. Hang on, that’s a song, it was out in the 80’s, Material World, ah yes – the glorious yuppie 80’s where everyone wanted the latest gadgets and lived in debt. Our economy has never recovered from that, and back then it wasn’t Brown, it was Bloody Thatcher! See, for all my childhood the country was under a Conservative government and my memory is that times were harder then than I have had during the Credit Crunch. There was no spare cash in the household budget for extra’s and treats really were treats.


The other big reason I have voted Red, is down to the Sure Start Children’s Centre’s across the countries which face closure if the Conservatives come to power. I have said it before and will say it again, my local Children’s Centre saved me from going down a very dark and bleak road when I had H. It also saved a lot of others. Labour brought them in and Labour will keep them. The Conservatives will keep some but many face closure. I am now in a line of work that involves the Children’s Centre in a massive way and I would hate to loose them both from the eyes of a Mother and a Professional.


I’ve never voted Labour before, I have to be honest here. I have voted Conservative and Liberal Democrat in the past and do believe in a lot of the Lib Dem campaign, but the way our voting system works in Britain today, Lib Dem would never get in, so my support is with Labour because I am confident that it’s the lesser of two evils! Election campaigns tend to focus on the bad, I have looked at the good that Labour have done and I have to say, my life would be very different now if we’d been under a different Government, and not in a good way! I’m holding out for a Hung Parliament if I am honest, with another General Election within 2 years. Some say this would be a death sentence for our country, but actually I think it could be a good short term option!

Have you voted yet?


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