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I didn’t know Wilkinson’s did Baby Products!!

I received an email last week asking me to try out a new range of baby products, from Wilkinson’s! I must admit I was a little dubious. Thing is, Wilko’s to me is for cleaning products, and garden items. That’s because when I was younger that was what my parents and Grandparents bought there!

Oh how my view has changed. I was asked to review 3 items, Baby Wipes, Baby Wash and Anti-Bacterial Wipes. I was very pleasantly surprised. All three products smelt fresh and were pleasant to use. The Baby Wipes come in a pack of 80, which I believe from looking at other packs is standard. At just 97p per pack I was unsure what to expect. I have used low price wipes before and found the quality to be low too, but these smell great, are very strong and feel soft. I have even taken to using them to remove my make up!

The anti-bacterial wipes were a surprise. I usually just use normal anti-bac cleaners around the home so having such a wipe was actually really handy. The best thing they are for is wiping down the table and H’s seat after meals. I no longer need to get out the spray cleaner and find a cleaning cloth etc. Just grab these wipes and I know that it’s job done. They have a pleasant lemon fragrance and the packet says they give 4 hours protection against the nasties. There are 30 wipes per pack and at 77p I will definitely be buying these again. I also think they are ideal to keep in a changing bag for when your out and about. I know I have been caught in situations where I haven’t 100% trusted that a high chair in a cafe has been cleaned down properly, so this is a handy way to know your kids are eating from clean surfaces because lets face it, a 2 year old has a habit of dropping food off their plate and then eating it from the high chair tray!!

Wilkinson's Baby Wash

Finally the Baby Wash, at just 97p per bottle I was again a little wary. I don’t tend to use products on H, she still has fantastic baby soft skin and just bubble bath in the water is enough for her. So this I tested out on me and B. My skin is pretty sensitive and own brand body washes tend to irritate me. I have used this without any issue and B has used it and got on with it great. I have no hesitation that in the next few months, when the time comes that bubbly water isn’t enough for H, then I will use this with her too.

So well done Wilkinson’s, you’ve surprised me in a good way and I will definitely be buying these again and would recommend all 3 of these products to anyone with kids!

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