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It’s a week till we all descend on the polling stations and mark our X’s in the applicable box. And for the 1st time since I have been old enough to vote I actually think my solitary vote could make a difference! But I have to admit, of all the research and discussion I have done, I still can’t say I am 100% made up in my decision. I’m probably 95% there, but the 5% of uncertainty is enough that I am still looking for more information!


I live in an area which currently has a Conservative MP. His leaflet came round today. Ok so it’s the 1st to be addressed to me rather than just a leaflet through the door. Thing is though, the leaflet just harps on about what Labour and Gordon Brown have done to damage our country whilst in office. It doesn’t tell me what he is going to do for me in my area though.


As for Labour, well, I don’t trust Gordon Brown and never have, but, just because to me he has untrustworthy eye’s does that mean enough to disregard him. I know the country is in a state, and yes the other parties can argue that they would have dealt with it quicker or differently, but WE the public, all jumped on the band wagon of free and cheap credit, buy now pay later, and that all contributed too. It wasn’t all down to 1 man. And it wasn’t just our country. Again though, Brown just seems to go on about what the Tories are proposing!


So that leaves Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats. Great. I have voted Lib Dem in every election up until now. They speak in a language I understand and although I don’t always agree, they win a lot from me for using plain English. In the 1st debate Clegg was winning all the way for me – until Trident. Now I am in no way saying I agree with Nuclear weapons, but they are a very important deterrent and the thought of Clegg scrapping Trident scares the hell out of me. It leaves us wide open. If everyone decided to get rid of nuclear warfare then yes great all for that. Seeing as how we have it in the 1st place to protect us from those who may use their weapons against us, well why the hell would we want to now say “Ok we will disarm, you should all do the same”, like hell any of them will!!! So I am stuck, money, life the lot could be great under a Lib Dem government, but is it worth it for the possible extra threat??? Or am I understanding this wrong, does Clegg plan on keeping Trident just not revamping it?


It’s really not an easy choice but one thing is for sure, I will vote. Not for the suffragettes, although there is the argument there too. No the reason I will vote is down to the fact that it is OUR choice as a nation. If I don’t have my say then I don’t have a say. Not just next Thursday but every day. So much comes under the umbrella of politics – the price of fuel and other goods, the cost of a TV Licence, the amount of foreign people moving into our towns, the state of the streets, how safe our towns are, how much we earn, the benefits and pensions we and our families receive. No matter your opinions on these things, if you don’t vote you really have no reason to complain. In the words of my Mum “I will vote, because my vote isn’t helping Cameron get in!” But it’s true, if you don’t vote you are helping out the parties you don’t agree with!


I’d love to know your opinions, I know a lot of bloggers have touched on this, but with a week left, I am still a floating voter so all opinions help!!!


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  1. This is the first election I’ve taken part in too…and my younger sister.

    We pretty much agree on a lot of things you’ve said. The Lib Dems seem to speak in a language that I can relate to, that makes it easier to understand…and the one thing we both disagree on with their manifesto is leaving us behind many other nations with our Nuclear Weaponry.

    I’m all for a world where we don’t need them, but, a lot of countries like the willy waving that comes with having a bigger Nuke store…and one day…some idiot is going to push the red button and I would hate to be in the developed country that doesn’t have the power to fight back…which is a possibility under a Lib Dem government.

    Lib Dems seem to be the ones that will look after our Pensioners and they are going to raise our income tax meaning that those on a lower wage see more of it.

    In all honesty, I think this year will go to a hung parliament, which will help neither man nor beast as there is no way that anything will be agreed upon which means there will be no significant change until they can fight it out.

    I’m 99% sure where my vote is going, but there’s still time to change my mind…That is a woman’s prerogative after all

    Comment by Anna | April 27, 2010 | Reply

    • Yes I think your right on the hung parliament, although I did read recently that if everyone who says they are gonna vote Lib Dem, actually does, they will win by a land slide majority – so it could happen!!! I guess a lot hangs on the discussion this Thursday!

      Comment by supersinglemum | April 27, 2010 | Reply

  2. Voting is made easy this time round I don’t think because the main parties aren’t really telling us what they will do to improve the country in a genuine way, they are too hellbent on criticising each other and that’s just maddening. How can we trust them? We have a lib dem area where I live and nothing gets done!

    CJ xx

    Comment by Crystal Jigsaw | April 28, 2010 | Reply

  3. Hi,
    Just wanted to say that LD’s only say they wont replace trident with like for like- they want to include it in a full defence review. They will almost certainly retain some sort of nuclear defence- probably missiles which would defend us from most of the existing nuclear powers who can reach the UK.
    It’s in more detail on their manifesto. (P.s. I’m not settled 100% either)

    Comment by Clair | May 1, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks, will go and relook at the manifesto as I couldnt find it when i looked!!! If that is the case then it makes my decision so much easier!!!

      Comment by supersinglemum | May 1, 2010 | Reply

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