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What’s in my Handbag?

A few days ago I was Twittering away and the lovely WeeWifie asked if anyone fancied being tagged in a Meme. Well I hadn’t heard of the one she was on about so piped up and here I am after being tagged!

So, the aim of the game is to tell everyone what is in your handbag. Now I am assuming the purpose is to hopefully find something really interesting in there, or be able to read into the contents to find out more about the person who’s bag it is. Or maybe it’s just a more interesting way for us women to sort out our bags, because come on unless you recently got a new bag, when did you last sort out yours?

Here’s what’s in mine………

So on to my tags, I want to know what’s in your:

Kerry, your an Avon rep so bound to have loads of interesting things in your bag, and Becky because I am nosey!!!



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  1. DON’T go with carphone warehouse!!!! I have a horror story bout them. They have dodgy folk in their company selling your details and scamming you. I had a call from them saying it was them days after getting a contract with them, so was all very plausible, and they knew all my details, said were setting up my insurance etc, and I ended up getting scam payments off my account, only noticed when tried to claim on this “insurance” when my phone got nicked! Beware. Google it. They know about it, and it’s still happening. Some words of warning there, but I’d never go with them or again (same company).

    Anyway… hehe…

    How fun doing it on video that’s a great idea!!

    Especially as you have SOOO much in that bag, think it’d have taken forever to write it all down hehehe….

    My bag was quite good compared to normal, since it was quite new!

    Loved how you have millions of things in there you really have no need to carry about with you on a day to day basis lol. My mum was the same, HUGGGGE bag full of stuff and she’d forever complain her back was getting sore etc, but now after many years I’ve whipped her down to using a small bag!


    Us gals and our bags of crap eh 😉 just never know when you’ll need that something….

    Comment by Louise @ WeeWifie's World | April 21, 2010 | Reply

    • I used to work for Carphone Warehouse and was constantly reporting rogue insurance companies. They are not linked with CPW and CPW don’t sell details, there is actually quite an easy way to get details to make out they know things. Wouldn’t buy off the internet anyway though, far to impatient lol!!! Things may have changed since I left 2 years ago but I doubt it. And yes these companies pose as CPW because then they are harder to trace. I actually phoned one up on behalf of a customer who was distraught about it, and it was so obviously someones front room in Wales!!! Anyway……

      I actually enjoyed doing the video even though I always said I would NEVER do a vlog!!!

      And yep, loads of crap lol!!!!

      Comment by supersinglemum | April 21, 2010 | Reply

  2. Hey there Mary Poppins, I think you were just missing the coat stand and the plants from your bag! OMG your handbag must weight a tonne!!!

    I really did titter to myself at the sight of your bracelet again, that was the funniest jewellery class ever!!

    Comment by MummyMatters | April 21, 2010 | Reply

    • Knew that would make you giggle lol!!!
      And yes it does weigh a bloody tonne!!!

      Comment by supersinglemum | April 21, 2010 | Reply

  3. These people that called me even knew my new telephone number and the password on my aacount etc etc. I’m very careful bout such things bit the amount of info they knew was too hard to not believe! 

    Had mates with probs with carphone warehouse too. So just really don’t like the company.  Certainly wouldn’t ever step foot in one. This thing I told you about happened only a year ago to me. So wasn’t years ago or anything 😦

    Don’t think I’ll ever vlog I’m too nervous bout that sorta thing! I’ve YouTube vids up of me tho etc but either under influence or with someone else lol. I subbed to your YouTube from both my accounts. 

    Comment by Louise | April 21, 2010 | Reply

    • Hmm yes that does sound a little dodgy but honestly, working in the business and knowing how these rogue traders operate, not going to blab the secrets on here as then anyone can do it, but there are very easy ways of getting info – and some employees can unfortunatly be corrupt too, not necessarily at the branch but up the chain. I would be very very surprised if it was known to CPW and not being acted on but obviously there are going to be people in every business who are less then honest!

      I surprised myself I did it, although it’s still bugging me that my talking is out of sync. Notquite sure why as was fine until I uploaded it!!

      Comment by supersinglemum | April 21, 2010 | Reply

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